Goodwin International:Non-Slam Nozzle Check Valves

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Type N-ZK

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Goodwin International, world renowned for its design, manufacture and supply of high technology Dual Plate Check Valves to the world's hydrocarbon, energy and process industries, now includes within its range of check valve solutions the Goodwin-Noreva Nozzle Check Valve.

With the acquisition by its parent company, Goodwin PLC, of Noreva GmbH, the addition of axially operated non-slam valves into the Goodwin portfolio, sitting alongside the Goodwin range of Dual Plate Check Valves, enhances Goodwin International's position to provide cost effective technical solutions where reliability and high performance is an absolute necessity. The Goodwin-Noreva Nozzle Check Valve is founded on some 70 years of proven and established design, technology and experience.

The Nozzle check valve is installed to prevent and protect against the consequences of unintended reverse flow. Due to its short stroke length and fast speed of response the Nozzle check is ideal for critical / severe pump and compressor applications. The fundamental benefits and features of the Goodwin-Noreva Nozzle Check Valve are:

Non-slam closure
Very low pressure loss
Metal sealing
Maintenance free

Unique to the Goodwin valve, and differentiating it from its competitors, is the employment of the disc ring design in sizes 12" and larger (Models N-B and N-BK). In this the ring disc is guided by springs and friction-free radial guides. Being frictionless movement its speed of response is faster than that of competitors’ designs giving rapid non-slam closure and providing superior backflow protection. With the ring shaped flow ports, annular flow path through the valve and low critical velocity required to fully open the valve, the disc ring design gives the additional advantage of very low pressure losses and reduced life cycle costs.

The Goodwin-Noreva range is available in sizes 1" to 88", pressure classes ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500#, different body styles to meet customer requirements and an extensive range of metallurgies.

The N-ZK is the standard valve for sizes 1" to 10" in pressure classes ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500#. With its optimum designed aerodynamic flow path through the valve the N-ZK produces very low pressure losses. With a shorter face-to-face than the N-ZK, the NRV-ZSK is installed where space is at a premium.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 12

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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