AUMA Deliver Active Maintenance with Innovative Solutions and Service Capability

The UK’s water utility companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve how they manage and mitigate the risk associated with large capital projects. The TOTEX (Capital Expenditure + Operational Expenditure) approach looks at the total cost of expenditure, over the long-term operating life of the plant, raising the question of active versus reactive service and maintenance programmes.

AUMA Actuators Limited, part of the global AUMA Group, manufactures and supplies a wide range of electric actuator solutions to the UK’s water utility companies. Its success securing a number of long-term service and maintenance Service Level Agreements and Frameworks with Anglian Water Services, Thames Water and United Utilities is partly in response to AUMA’s unique approach to active maintenance over reactive maintenance. 

Cliff Marriner, Head of Integrated Maintenance Engineering, Anglian Water Services, says: “Speed of response is essential to our operations. Given current global supply issues, AUMA’s ability to source and supply locally is a major benefit to us. They have been proactive in their approach which has helped us deliver our service to our customers. They have also introduced a number of added value innovations that demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile for our benefit.” 

According to OFWAT, TOTEX is a significant change in the treatment of cost performance and recovery, which, combined with outcomes, allows companies greater flexibility to move away from a list of specific schemes agreed by the Regulator towards an approach that allows them to consider alternatives that can deliver the same or better service performance in line with customer preferences. 

Paul Hopkins, Managing Director, AUMA Actuators Limited says: “Helping utility companies achieve their TOTEX goals is all about bringing together the right technologies and solutions to extend and enhance the life of an asset and we believe that the best return is achieved through a programme of servicing to prevent critical asset failures before they happen. Connecting information and engineering technology, with operational requirements, is making this goal a reality. 

“Active servicing and maintenance is something on which AUMA has been leading for some time. We have a comprehensive stock of electric actuators and associated spares for call off at our Clevedon service centre. Plus, innovations such as our remote monitoring and asset management capability, mean we are able to deliver quickly and effectively on service and maintenance agreements.” 

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Published: 8th November 2022

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