Working together for a cleaner future

Severn Group is the leading valve specialist for critical service and demanding applications. The group of high-end valve engineering and manufacturing companies include Severn, LB Bentley and ValvTechnologies, represent a leading global force in the energy and industrial valve markets. Severn Group is the home of the world’s most respected, reliable, and sought-after valve and valve engineering companies, supporting public and private organisations worldwide as they deliver the goods, infrastructure, and services we all depend on. 

The companies within the Severn Group work together, supporting each other to provide a full offering of products and services to satisfy our customers’ requirements, from subsea to topside and upstream to downstream. 

Recently our collaboration is to support the renewables industry and its drive to satisfy energy transition targets.  We are developing our combined portfolio of product offerings with the aim of making hydrogen-based energy a reality. Our work within the hydrogen market is built on the years of experience in the design and manufacture of valves and other products for critical service and overcoming the challenges of the demanding applications in which they are used. 

Severn, LB Bentley and ValvTechnologies already delivered products for hydrogen applications and have experience in ensuring that our products are safe and effective.  Our products are built to withstand the demands of fluctuating temperatures, accelerated life cycles and the potential effects of hydrogen on metal, especially when hydrogen is known to make metals brittle and porous, creating microcracks within metallic components and infrastructure.  We have overcome these challenges by utilising our knowledge gained from years of experience in providing solutions that are designed to operate in demanding applications and extreme environments.  

As a group we benefit from collaboration, by sharing our technical expertise, manufacturing knowledge and experience, our understanding of customers’ requirements and sharing knowledge of our extreme testing capabilities.  

This collaboration will enable us to grow and develop with the demands of the industries in which we work, to deliver zero leakage, reliable and robust products.  With a focus on supporting the energy transition and the required emerging technologies our attitude to innovation will support our future developments and strive to make our hydrogen future a reality.

Published: 9th November 2022

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