ZEDOX® HEXO - The high performance butterfly valve with new honeycomb disc technology

ARI-Armaturen introduces an innovative HEXO honeycomb disc design in double eccentric ZEDOX® high performance butterfly valves. The product innovation from the leading manufacturer of valves for various industries enables higher KVS (flow co-efficient) values than commercially available high performance butterfly valves.

The newly developed HEXO disc design, which is now part of all ZEDOX® series, enables up to 35% higher KVS values than standard high performance butterfly valves. This ensures a significant reduction in pressure losses throughout the plant and proves to be a real efficiency booster as well as an important step towards energy savings.

The registered HEXO honeycomb disc design increases the stiffness of the entire disc structure and guarantees maximum process reliability while reducing weight. The innovative technology has a positive effect on the flow characteristics of the ZEDOX® high performance butterfly valve, as turbulence behind the valve is reduced to a minimum. The ZEDOX® HEXO thus enables significantly shorter outlet sections than standard available double eccentric butterfly valves. This is a clear advantage in limited spaces. The ability to build more compact systems means that the total cost of ownership can be reduced. An additional plus point is that the flow optimisation results in lower vibrations in the plant. As wear is reduced, the interval time between maintenance shutdowns is increased resulting in further cost savings.

The high performance butterfly valve ZEDOX® is now also available as a fully lugged type 123 in nominal sizes DN 80 to DN 800. This rounds off ARI's range of double eccentric butterfly valves, which were previously available as double flanged, wafer type version and butt-weld ends. ZEDOX® is a metal seated butterfly valve. It is therefore the economical alternative for reliable sealing in demanding applications. Double eccentric butterfly valves are used whenever the application range of soft seated butterfly valves is limited, for example, by pressure, temperature or medium.

ARI's product portfolio also includes the soft seated, centric butterfly valves ZESA®/GESA® soft-seated, which are also equipped with HEXO honeycomb disc technology in nominal sizes DN 250 to DN 600, and the ZETRIX® process valve. The latter is used as a triple eccentric, metal seated butterfly valve for the most demanding requirements. The butt-weld ends version of the ZETRIX® is now also available in pressure ratings PN 100 and ANSI Class 600. The valve is available in cast steel in nominal sizes DN 80 to DN 600. In addition, the ZETRIX® metal-seated butterfly valve is now also approved as a high temperature version for up to 550°C. Double flanged and fully lugged type versions made of cast steel 1.7357 are available up to a pressure rating of PN 40 / ANSI Class 300. In the high temperature version, it is used primarily in applications with combustion or exhaust gases where high temperatures and low pressures prevail. With its usual high quality standards, the ZETRIX® is the ideal choice for plant operators who place great importance on maximum reliability and tightness in their process. 

Read more here: https://www.zedox-hexo.com/en/ 

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Published: 6th December 2022

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