Glenfield Invicta’s Site Solutions for the Water Industry

Glenfield Invicta is a market leader when it comes to valve and penstock engineering operation for both utility water and wastewater and non-utility water and wastewater projects. As a dedicated member of the AVK Group our customers benefit from access to a vast product portfolio and global supply chain.

Established in 1852, our proud heritage extends over 170 years, during which we’ve been designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing specialist engineered valves and penstocks across the world.  We are proud to stand behind every product we supply and install, offering some of the best extended warranties in the industry. We can confidently state that we have valves that were manufactured at our works in Kilmarnock that are still in operation in the UK after more than 100 years of trouble-free service.

Our customers rely on our team of expert engineers to assist them with providing solutions at every stage of their project, and they trust us to deliver them safely, on time and to the highest standards. This specialist capability has made the Glenfield Invicta brand synonymous with engineering excellence worldwide.

As a group, we’re continually looking forward and we’re committed to investing in our products and service offering as well as investing in our people – our focus is to make sure our customers receive innovative products of the highest quality delivered and installed by experts. We pride ourselves in being a trustworthy business partner who acts responsibly when it comes to environmental and social issues.

Our Site Solutions team of expert engineers have undergone extensive training to ensure they can confidently tackle any problem such as repacking or freeing seized valves or complete replacement of potable or wastewater mains, valve pipelines, penstocks, and actuators.

They are qualified in the following operations:

  • Site Manager Safety Training (SMST)
  • Scottish Water Distribution Operations Maintenance Strategy (DOMS))
  • IOSH in Health and Safety
  • First Aid
  • EUSR National Water Hygiene- (Blue Card)
  • Thames Water Passport
  • Confined Space Working
  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)
  • Prefabricated Access Supplier and Manufacturers Association Training (PASMA)

We can also produce real-time, detailed engineering reports through state-of-the-art bespoke service management systems, allowing us to proactively monitor and alert customers as to the status of their assets.

Our Site Solutions offering includes:

  • Valve and Penstock Replacement and Installation
  • Valve Release
  • Valve Repacking
  • Valve and Penstock Maintenance & Refurbishment (On site)
  • Equipment Health Check & Monitoring
  • Fitting & Ancillary Parts
  • Technical Product Training

Our geographical presence and product range may be global, but we understand the critical need to have local teams close to our customers. We stand side-by-side with our customers at every stage to make sure we understand their needs and to be on hand to provide effective solutions.

Looking for a trusted partner?

Contact the Glenfield Invicta Site Solutions Team near you:

Maidstone Office             +44 (0) 1622 754613  

Kilmarnock Office            +44 (0) 1563 521150



Published: 6th December 2022

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