DRB Group continue to invest in the engineers of tomorrow

We are proud to announce Lewis’s completion of his apprenticeship with DRB Group

After four years of hard work, Lewis has achieved his BTEC Level 3 and HNC in Mechanical Engineering. With his apprenticeship completed, he has become a valued member of the engineering team at DRB Group.  

DRB have developed their apprenticeships over many years. It has now become a much sought-after scheme for budding engineers to launch their career journey.  One of the distinguishing benefits of DRB’s apprenticeship is the hands-on experience, gained across a broad range of engineering skills.   

Lewis reflects on his apprenticeship and says:  

“My apprenticeship has been amazing. I knew I wanted to go down the apprenticeship route, because I wanted to gain the academic knowledge alongside real work experience. It was through F1 in school and because a teacher recommended DRB Group that I applied to DRB. I was therefore very pleased to have been accepted and started my journey in 2018.   

What is great about an apprenticeship with DRB, is the diversity of skills and experience you gain. I have worked in different departments, across several engineering disciplines, including valves, hydraulics, grinding, turning, testing and certification. However, what has been most beneficial, and I really enjoy, is the on-site repair and overhaul projects I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with.  

Giving the freedom to attend on-site repairs, grows your confidence. It also improves your problem-solving skills, because you have to deal with whatever is thrown at you. You never know what you may have to deal with, which is challenging and makes the role so interesting.   

DRB really nurture you throughout your apprenticeship. They help you grow as an individual and build your engineering skills and knowledge. I feel they help you progress all the time, so when you are coming to the end of your apprenticeship, you already have the expertise and confidence to work on projects by yourself and contribute as an active team member.  

I would highly recommend taking the apprenticeship route and am very grateful that I managed to get my apprenticeship with DRB Group. With the company expanding, I am really looking forward to growing with them.    

Rob Thomas, Technical Assembly Manager said, ‘Congratulations Lewis, I’m proud to have presented you with your apprenticeship completion certificate and pleased to have you on-board as part of our engineering team”.  

The development of employees and the investment in training is paramount to the continued growth of DRB Group and its commitment to exceptional quality that meets the highest of industry standards. 

Our business needs highly trained and skilled engineers for us to continue to be innovative in the solutions we offer to support the ever-changing operational challenges our customers face. Investing in young people through short-term and long-term apprentices continues to develop the next generation of engineers. 

Matt Bennett, CEO said,“It’s always hugely satisfying when another apprentice completes their apprenticeship. We are passionate about creating the next generation of skilled engineers, which is why we continue to invest heavily in our apprenticeships. We are proud to have a workforce that is made up of people who are either on or have been through our apprentice scheme, which currently accounts for approx. 12% of our workforce. We work hard to enable all our staff to feel part of the growth of DRB and actively encourage our staff to propose initiatives, to continually develop and improve our systems and processes.  

Many congratulations Lewis, we’re extremely proud of your achievements and look forward to your continued success at DRB Group.”  

After completing an apprenticeship with DRB, you’ll build an extensive range of engineering knowledge, capabilities, and expertise, to move forward and grow. If you’re looking to start you career with an engineering apprenticeship, think DRB Group.  

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Published: 6th December 2022

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