Heap & Partners – Consolidated!

Just part of the new 43,000 sq ft premises at Birkenhead

BVAA’s Rob Bartlett recently met with Heap & Partners’ Managing Director David Millar, at the new Heaps facility in Birkenhead...

Rob Bartlett: ‘David, the first thing I noticed on approaching the new Heap & Partners’ facility is that unlike the old site, it is one, consolidated building. The previous site was a variety of separate buildings – was this a conscious change in approach?’

David Millar: Yes indeed. The Hoylake site had evolved over several decades, where buildings had been adapted and developed to suit our growing and changing needs. We were keen to consolidate all our three sites in the North West, and when we decided to look for new premises, we definitely wanted to bring them and our workshops into one, fully integrated whole. ‘Canada Works’ fits the bill perfectly.’

RB: ‘Why “Canada Works?”’

DM: ‘Our founder William Heap once worked for the famous railway builder Thomas Brassey and Brassey’s original “Canada Works” was just a short distance from here. It seemed fitting to both gentlemen to revive the name.’

RB: ‘The most dramatic difference I noticed has to be the size and layout. It looks like a lot of time and effort has been spent on planning the new site?’

DM: ‘This new facility covers 43,000 square feet, and represents a significant new investment for Heaps. We wanted to be absolutely certain that we got everything right, first time. As you have seen, the warehouse is one continuous open space and the production, assembly and testing areas give the absolute optimum flow of work from “Goods Received” through to “Despatch.” ’

RB: ‘The offices look pretty smart too.’

DM: ‘Heap & Partners has gone through a lot of changes lately, not just in our location but also in our strategic partnerships, product portfolio and our general overall approach. We felt that it important that our offices should reflect these changes. Our staff members have also benefitted from the new break out / relaxation areas and of course the new gym. We even have plans for solar and wind power generation on site. I like to think that we are “fit for the future”, in all respects!’

Heap & Partners Ltd., Tel: 0151 488 7222
Website: www.heaps.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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