Introducing GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper

The New Innovative Solution to Compensate Pressure and Volume Fluctuations

GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper

GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper

Pressure surges are recurrent problems in many production plants that occur as a result of turning on pumps, changes in temperatures of enclosed liquids or switching valves too quickly. Among other things, opening the valves can also result in pressure surges if the media supply is at a high level and the fluid column to lower plant components suddenly starts increasing. The possibility that pressure surges may damage plant components, such as filters, sensors, pumps and piping is very high.

Furthermore, pressure surges can also cause the shut-off valves to accidentally open for a brief moment, and the media may then get contaminated as a result of this. In the worst situation, this could lead to product loss or downtime due to necessary repair work that must be carried out.

GEMÜ has developed a new innovative solution, the GEMÜ 652 Pulsation Damper, to compensate pressure and volume fluctuations such as water hammer or vapour pressure surge. Based on the tried and tested diaphragm valve technology and reliable actuator design, the GEMÜ 652 is therefore ideal for use in sterile applications (maximum 150°C). This means that it is completely drainable and CIP/SIP capable, taking the specified draining angle into account. Furthermore, it is also suitable for use with corrosive liquid and gaseous applications.

The main function of the GEMÜ 652 pulsation damper is to dampen as much volume as possible within a specific operating range. The body is designed without a sealing weir (full bore design), and for this reason, it won’t shut off the media and therefore the actual expansion volume is compensated by the moving diaphragm.

The operating range and the volume compensated can be adjusted by using different actuator sizes and spring sets. Therefore, the increased expansion volume can be achieved by installing multiple pulsation dampers in series, which will compensate for larger volumes.

The GEMÜ 652 is self-acting as its function is accomplished solely using a spring force, therefore it does not require an electric or pneumatic supply. The control air connector is only used for the assembly and maintenance of the diaphragm.

The GEMÜ 652 pulsation damper is available in the nominal sizes DN15 to DN80 (diaphragm size 25 to 80). To ensure flexibility and a high range of applications, the valve bodies and diaphragms are available in various materials. Furthermore, it also complies with the current standards in the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industry, such as BSE/TSE, FDA, USP Class VI and Regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004. This ingenious solution by GEMÜ will solve multiple problems in many varied applications. Please contact us to speak to one of our local product specialists for further information about this product. 

See below for more technical information on the GEMÜ 652:

>> Product Flyer

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>> Operating Instructions


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Published: 30th October 2023

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