Exploring Spring Types for Valve Seals

Valve designers and manufacturers know the choice of spring type within valve seals is critical to optimal performance and reliability. At Clifford Springs, we understand the advantages offered by the different spring types and what works best for specific seal application requirements.

  1. Canted Coil Springs: With exceptional resilience and unique constant-load capabilities, they give precise control over spring force and deflection, ideal for precise sealing under varying pressures.
  2. Helical Springs: These give very high forces and small deflection range. They are versatile and can be tailored to suit specific load requirements and space constraints.
  3. Garter Springs: Created to give a grip force around a diameter and particularly well-suited to applications requiring dynamic movement or where radial sealing forces are necessary. Several joint options can be offered, to suit the application.
  4. Full Contact Springs: Give very high force density and excellent load-bearing capabilities. Force is applied at the position of the seal lips ensuring reliable sealing performance.
  5. Meander Springs: A compact and efficient solution for sealing applications with limited space. Like Full Contact springs, they apply force at the seal lips, giving high forces and a generous deflection range.
  6. Anti-Extrusion Springs: Designed to prevent seal extrusion and ensure sealing integrity in extreme high-pressure environments. Robust construction and material selection helps withstand extreme operating conditions and prevent damage to the seal assembly. Manufactured as single coil springs, or multiple concentric springs, assembled within each other. Precision ball bearings can fill the inside diameter. Multiple helical springs can be fitted to the outside diameter for the most extreme environments and applications.
  7. PEEK Springs: Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) offers exceptional chemical resistance, making it suitable for demanding seal applications. Consider material compatibility, dimensional stability, and long-term performance before utilising PEEK springs in valve seals.

When selecting the appropriate spring type for valve seals, technical factors to consider include:

  • Operating conditions, including temperature, pressure, and fluid compatibility
  • Load requirements and force distribution within the seal assembly
  • Space constraints and installation considerations
  • Dynamic or Static performance under varying operational conditions
  • Material properties, including strength, fatigue resistance, and corrosion resistance
  • Industry standards and regulatory requirements

Carefully evaluating these factors, and leveraging Clifford Springs’ expertise in specialised spring manufacturing, will mean optimal sealing performance and reliability across a wide range of applications.

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Published: 19th April 2024

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