GMM Pfaudler's Glass Lined Mushroom Valve and Machined PTFE

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Originally known as crust breakers, our mushroom valves, with rising stems, are engineered to address the challenge of solids settling and compacting in drains, causing blockages. Unlike ball valves best suited for liquids, mushroom valves excel in handling solids and slurries by breaking through formed crusts at the valve's edge, ensuring uninterrupted flow and preventing damage often caused by manual removal of the crust at the vessel's base.

Our expertise extends beyond supplying valves; the exceptional performance of our mushroom valves stems from our in-house manufactured PTFE components, including valve seats, expansion bellows, and enveloped gaskets. These elements are pivotal for functionality, offering chemical resistance, durability, and leak-proof sealing. Our commitment to high-quality, engineered plastics and gasket components showcases our expertise and dedication to crafting premium PTFE materials for a wide range of valve applications in various industries.

We process PTFE from raw powder into billet and block shapes, ensuring full traceability. Precision machining in our CNC workshop prepares these materials for integration into our valves, meeting the rigorous standards of OEM specifications. From glass-filled PTFE valve seats ensuring essential sealing, to PTFE expansion bellows that maintain a consistent seal, our components are vital for the operational excellence of our mushroom valves and beyond.

Our PTFE and engineered plastic components, used in diverse valve applications across all industries, highlight our ability to supply essential solutions for efficient sealing and mechanical strength. For the mushroom valve, these include:

  • Glass-Filled PTFE Valve Seats: Essential for sealing the glass-lined valve head, these seats come with our asbestos-free GMM Pfaudler PF3000 or GMM Pfaudler Graphite GR3000e for flange sealing, tailored to application and media. Optional fitted O-rings enhance sealing.
  • PTFE Expansion Bellows: In mushroom valves, these bellows adjust to the valve stem's movements, ensuring a leak-proof seal, offering chemical resistance, durability, and isolating the stem from process fluids, thus enhancing safety and longevity.
  • PTFE Enveloped Gaskets: Produced up to 1.5m in diameter, these gaskets provide improved stress distribution and risk reduction of failure. For larger needs, we offer modified PTFE welded tape, complemented by GMM Pfaudler PF3000 or GR3000e inserts and a stainless-steel ring for superior mechanical strength.

Reach out to GMM Pfaudler today and let us help you elevate your industrial processes with our expertly engineered solutions.

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Published: 23rd April 2024

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