BVAA’s 85th Anniversary Year

Read the full article in our latest Valveuser Magazine!

Read the full article in our latest Valveuser Magazine!

BVAA’s Director Rob Bartlett comments, “In 2024, the BVAA will be celebrating the 85th Anniversary of its formation! 

I read somewhere that the appropriate gift for such an anniversary is wine, which does seem entirely appropriate for such a cheery association.  And no doubt there will be a big celebration in November at our AGM Dinner Dance. 

Obviously, there’s a huge amount of history in a body so long-lived, and we’ve definitely come a long way since our formative beginnings.  Throughout, we’ve definitely been Stronger Together.  However, we have decided to summarise that history elsewhere in this issue, and as is consistent with our philosophy, to focus on what the modern-day BVAA means to its members, what they get out of it. 

We invited some of our members, both long-established and relatively new, to tell us and Valveuser readers what they think.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy what they have to say!”

KOSO Kent Introl

Stuart Billingham, Sales Director at KOSO Kent Introl says, “Koso Kent Introl is a longstanding member of the British Valve & Actuator Association (BVAA). Our commitment comes as a result of several benefits membership brings that we feel adds value to KKI. 

We would like to think of ourselves as active members, as we have often contributed to the technical expertise groups, which we find fosters knowledge sharing and innovation within the valve and actuator sector and gives members a voice at the table for international standards. 

We often sponsor or attend BVAA events such as the Spring conference and Annual AGM as we find these events provide relevant and informative content and a chance to see enhancing industry insights and best practices whilst also giving chance to network and socialise with our peers. 

We have also found as a UK based manufacturer, that the supplier days have played an important role in fortifying our UK supply chain, facilitating growth and resilience within the sector. 

Furthermore, through desktop exhibitions and BVAA group stands at larger industry events, membership has actively contributed to raising brand awareness while showcasing our product. 

And finally, we have been longtime supporters and beneficiaries of the Future Leaders Programme. We now have three past delegates in our business and have just enrolled our fourth delegate onto this year’s course which speak volumes as to how highly we believe in it.”

PDL Group

The PDL team are celebrating over 10 years of BVAA membership!

They have reaped many benefits accessing BVAA expertise, participating in technical groups and contributing to the BVAA Board.

The BVAA have regularly published PDL technical articles and video insights about their advanced engineering analysis capabilities and toolsets to solve complex challenges on valve and actuator projects.

PDL engineers regularly engage in BVAA training courses to keep abreast of industry knowledge, and have had nine of the PDL Team represented on the prestigious BVAA Future Leaders Programme, as well as utilising introductions at BVAA desktop days, tabletop exhibitions and regional supplier events and gaining extensive support to exhibit at international events such as Valve World Dusseldorf.

PDL are thrilled to have an excellent relationship with the BVAA, and have enjoyed a lot of fun along the way especially when gathering at the BVAA AGM and Spring Conferences. 

“We are always impressed by the professionalism across the association and the support of the BVAA team over the last ten years. We have forged strong relationships through our membership and look forward to the next ten”. Alex Roff, Engineering Director PDL.

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Adam Bradley, Director at Corrosion Resistant Materials: “We have currently been members of the BVAA for 5 years now and benefited hugely from our membership. 

We have attended leading industry events such as the Spring Conference, AGM and Supplier Day. 

At each event we have had the opportunity to Network, learn and develop with members. No two events are the same and we always come away with important industry information, contacts and opportunities. At each event we have been able to build relationships with many members which has not only led to business, but also improved our supply chain offering and technical knowledge. 

The membership has also allowed us to exhibit at events (our very first was with the BVAA), sponsor events (again our very first was with the BVAA) and put printed articles in Valve User magazine (you guessed it – our very first was with the BVAA) which all adds to increasing our visibility and improving our brand. During many of these events we have also created some great photo and video content which we have been able to use on our social media and website. 

All in all the BVAA membership offers so much value for very little investment.”

Clifford Springs

Happy 85th Anniversary from Clifford Springs!

Clifford Springs are proud to be part of the BVAA as it celebrates its 85th anniversary.

Part of the association for just one year, we’ve been impressed with the opportunities and support available to all its members.  We’ve been delighted to grab every opportunity offered.

From promoting our business via the website, the magazine, and various events, to taking part in industry shaping discussion forums and getting great support from the BVAA team, joining up has certainly been a worthwhile exercise for Clifford Springs.

We’ve won business directly as a result of BVAA generated opportunities to raise our visibility in this sector, and have been pleased to offer advice and support to other members.

Clifford Springs wishes the BVAA a very Happy Anniversary.  And huge congratulations to all who steer the ship.  A great job done by a very dedicated team.

AMB Co. Ltd and BVAA – A winning partnership!

AMB Co. Ltd (also recently celebrated 85 years) are precision engineers and hardfacing specialists; members almost three years now, they have become heavily involved in many of the key dates in the BVAA calendar.  Business Development Manager Andrew Wellwood explains why he continues to champion the BVAA. 

“To everyone here at AMB Co. Ltd, we don’t have a membership with the BVAA, we see it more as a partnership.  Exceptional support from a team of professionals with a family feel, which resonates with us as we share the same ethos. 

We’ve found it’s not only a fantastic arena for targeted business and building relationships, but the BVAA also provide many opportunities for learning and development. 

We enrolled two employees on the highly coveted BVAA Future Leaders programme for 2023. An excellent course for personal development and ensuring a bright future for our industry.  Both Liam Dawson and Reece Clarke can’t speak highly enough about their experience on the programme.

We’re a small family company, but we’re ambitious, and we’re looking forward to working with the BVAA for many more years to come.”

Heap & Partners Ltd

When in 2003 BVAA made its progressive move from a Manufacturer-focussed body to a more holistic supply-chain based association, Heap & Partners Ltd were the first ‘non-manufacturer’ to join, and David Millar (Heaps’ MD) was invited to join the BVAA Board. 

Since then, both Heaps and the BVAA have changed enormously, and both have prospered because of that change.  Heap & Partners actually now does more UK manufacturing than many member companies, and the BVAA is now financially very secure, offers a much wider range of services and has a much larger and more active membership. 

David Millar commented, “Having been a BVAA Chairman, I could be accused of bias, but the facts speak for themselves.  The more you get involved, the more you get out of the BVAA. 

“We might be a small company, but we have 10% of our staff heavily involved in BVAA activities.  The reasons are four-fold: – 

  1. We stay current and involved in the latest changes in legislation.
  2. We get to hear and be involved in discussions on the latest developments.
  3. We have landed multi-million-pound orders directly because of the leads service & networking opportunities offered by BVAA, and of course….
  4. It’s a lot of fun.

What more could you want from an association?”

How have Heap & Partners got some much out?  In a word ‘participation’.

Heap & Partners Ltd. have had one Chair of the BVAA, two Vice Chairs, one Chair of the Technical Committee, two members of the Technical committee, Chaired a Business Development Group, and had two staff members put through the Future Leaders Programme.  They sponsor events, utilise the BVAA meeting hub on the BVAA stand at exhibitions, and make use of the Market data reports.  Plus, many members of staff have been on the training programmes both at BVAA HQ and at Heaps’ own offices.

If you would like to join our 170+ members, contact Rob Bartlett for a no obligation, initial discussion on 01295 221270.


Published: 24th April 2024

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