Bifold’s New High Flow Model VBP Series Volume Booster Delivers System Stability

Bifold announces the introduction of the model VBP series high flow volume booster for pneumatic and gas service. This patent pending unique product, manufactured from 316 stainless steel, performs efficiently with a high flow in both open and close rotation of the actuator. Competitor booster valves have a high output flow, but a low exhaust flow. In applications where a fast response time on modulating service in combination with a fast shutdown time (ESD) is required, the VBP Volume Booster accommodates the requirement and eliminates the need for an additional poppet or quick exhaust valve to achieve the required closing speeds. This results in reduced material and labour costs and simplifies positioned set up and control.

When used with a valve positioner/actuator, the VBP is designed to produce fast opening and closing times. This range is also offered as a combined filter booster. The range, functions with a working pressure range of 2 to 10 bar g, with maximum inlet pressure of 20 bar g and operates with a working temperature of -20ºC to +180ºC. The design offers a choice of two sizes with port threads of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" or 3/4" and 1" NPT which allow plumbing flexibility for easy hookup.

The extremely compact modular design eliminates the need for additional quick exhaust valves enabling reduced costs and installation time. A soft seat sealing provides tight shut off to reduce costly air consumption. A bypass needle adjustment fitted as standard across the range eliminates system hunting providing stability. Its construction out of 316 stainless steel prevents corrosion while stainless internal parts defend against wear and corrosive gases.

Applications include activation of control valves used in chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food processing markets. This range has been designed and tested at Bifold and supplied for use with the majority of positioner/actuator manufacturers.

Bifold Fluidpower Ltd, Tel. 0161 345 4777

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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