Latty launches a new concept for flange gasket shapes

That covers all pressure classes with a single reference!



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The specific and patented shape of this new gasket design, named LATTYmultirating, represents a significant advancement in the field of flange gaskets by adapting to 4 different pressure classes. The Latty Group is a French specialist in industrial sealing. A member of the French Fab, it has been designing and manufacturing its products for over 100 years at its site in Brou, in the Centre Val de Loire region. This innovation demonstrates Latty's commitment to providing practical and effective solutions that address productivity challenges as well as the safety of people and the environment.

The primary function of a static gasket—or flange gasket—is to ensure the seal between a liquid or gaseous substance and the atmosphere. Latty offers a wide range of industrial sealing gaskets suitable for many applications in the food, chemical, cosmetic, nuclear, petrochemical and more industries.

The innovative and patented cutting of this new LATTYmultirating flange gasket design meets the need for simplification and stock reduction. Indeed, for a given nominal diameter (DN) of a flange, there are many pressure classes that correspond to different outer diameters, with different bolt hole and screw diameters. For example, for the same DN of a flange, it means cutting different gaskets of different outer diameters, corresponding to the 4 bolt hole diameters, associated with the bolt positions. Latty has adopted an ingenious approach by developing a specially shaped gasket capable of covering the 4 main pressure classes: 150, 300, 600, and 900. A single reference is now sufficient to manage multiple flange classes, significantly reducing the risk of incorrect gasket selection. The LATTYmultirating gasket shape meets the requirements of ASME B16.5 standards, covering steel pipe flanges and flanged fittings from NPS 1/2 to NPS 24 in pressure classes from 150 to 900, as well as the NF EN 1092-1 standard. 

Technical Gaskets

The cutting of the LATTYmultirating gasket shape can be made in all the flat gasket qualities and thicknesses that Latty offers for its static sealing, chosen upon precise criteria such as temperature, pressure, fluid type, mechanical constraints, and thickness. Several materials are available: aramid, carbon, graphite, PTFE, etc. Moreover, as a long-standing partner of key energy production players, Latty offers a range of PMUC-approved products for use in nuclear power plants. These products also meet various certifications such as FDA, CE 1935/2004, ISO, WRAS, etc., required in the food, chemical, water treatment, oil, and gas industries. Latty's flange gaskets are manufactured to high-quality standards, ensuring durability against repeated mechanical, thermal, and chemical stresses in demanding environments while maintaining consistent sealing effectiveness.

The Strength of a Network of Gasket Cutters

To ensure the distribution of its gaskets, Latty Group relies on a dense network of gasket cutters, both in France and internationally, who are skilled in the characteristics and applications of its sealing gaskets. They market and cut gaskets of all shapes and materials according to the specific needs of their clients.

Training for Better Gasket Selection

Latty offers "bolted joint assembly" training focused on sealing systems. These courses cover the implementation of best assembly practices, which ensure personnel safety, and the selection of the most suitable sealing gaskets. This selection guarantees equipment reliability and environmental preservation. LATTY's training programs are QUALIOPI certified and can be conducted at the Brou (28) site or at client locations. 

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