Clifford Springs is Highly Commended

Published: 2nd July 2024 | Issue 93 Share article:

How do you describe everything that your business does in just 200 words?

Any business that has ever submitted an awards entry will understand the pain and challenge of trying to convey the complexity of everything that you do in so few words. 

Choosing what to focus on and what to leave out is difficult.  And if it’s a non-industry specific award it can be even more difficult.  How do you explain your business in a way that non-experts will understand and appreciate? 

We faced that challenge at Clifford Springs recently, but obviously overcame the challenge as we are proud to share that we received the “Highly Commended” certificate for “Excellence in Manufacturing & Engineering” at the Hereford & Worcester Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

Sadly, the event coincided with ACHEMA, so our MD John Clifford, wasn’t able to attend and accept the award in person, but the team reported back that it was a great night!  

We were up against some really hard-hitting businesses, most of them much, much bigger than ours, which makes this achievement even more special to us. 

How did we describe ourselves? 

“Manufacturing an extensive range of springs in a wide range of materials, we aid design, innovate, create and supply energising springs globally to manufacturers of seals, valves and actuators, to name a few applications. 

With specialist technical knowledge, we advise on all aspects of spring design and production to engineer the best possible springs for the environment where they’re relied upon. 

Clients range from industries like oil & gas to motorsport, chemical processing to semi-con, medical to construction and more.  Our springs are integral to the energised seals and valves, keeping complex machinery operational and safe in a variety of environments, from cryogenic to subsea, chemically abrasive to high temperature etc.  

We are currently members of a number of panels researching the impact of hydrogen, so we can create the best springs for the next generation of energy efficient equipment. 

Manufacturing capabilities range from a few metres of meander spring to a few thousand metres of helical spring. We make springs from wire of 0.02mm in diameter upwards. 

We are one of just a few companies, globally, manufacturing canted coil.  Probably the most complex of all springs, it has unique operational characteristics that render it vastly superior to other springs in many applications.” 

Obviously, we had to submit additional information and evidence, but this is where it all started.  So, if you want to work with an award-winning spring making company, we’re here for you! 

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