Gasunie Chooses Mokveld Zero Emission Control Valve to Support Climate Goals

Published: 2nd July 2024 | Issue 93 Share article:

Mokveld Valves, a Dutch global leader in the development and production of high-quality control and safety valves, can announce Gasunie decided to enter a long-term frame agreement with Mokveld for their Zero emission valves. A formal market consultation by Gasunie confirmed the Mokveld concept without dynamic seal to atmosphere is unique and contributes to reduction of GHG scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Gasunie anticipates on upcoming EU legislation regarding further emission reduction and leak detection and repair (LDAR) requirements.

The Mokveld Zero emission valve fits in perfectly with Gasunie's objectives to reduce GHG scope 1 reduction. The omission of the dynamic seal assures zero emission over the lifetime, where conventional control valves tend to show ‘wear and tear’ of the stem packing resulting in an increase of emissions over the lifetime. In addition, the lack of a moving stem to the outside meets Gasunie’s objectives for underground installations. The integrated servo-electric actuator allows Gasunie to perform better control, resulting in the reduction of emissions elsewhere, such as those caused by pneumatic controllers and even by compressors.

The Zero emission valve consumes very little power. The elimination of stem seal friction in combination with Mokveld’s trademark fully pressure balanced design reduces forces when moving. Power consumption over the valve’s lifetime is reduced by cutting power under steady-state conditions, using a self-braking drive nut. These features contribute towards achieving Gasunie’s Scope 2 GHG goals.

The Zero emission valve is suitable for natural gas, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other future fluids, ready for the future of Gasunie to supply reliable energy in the region.

Mokveld is committed to providing innovative technologies that contribute to safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness in the oil and gas industry. Gasunie's choice for the Zero Emission Valve underlines the value of this mission. 

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