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‘Do Nothing, Nothing Happens…’

Published: 2nd July 2024 | Issue 93 Share article:

FLP7 on their recent visit to Crane Saunders, Cwmbran.

FLP7 on their recent visit to Crane Saunders, Cwmbran.

This must be one of the most-used phrases in the BVAA HQ, and it’s our own little way of constantly reminding ourselves that we have to positively act if we expect a positive result from any initiative or activity – it’s not going to just fall in our lap. 

During the formative stages of my career, most folks in authority were ‘Baby Boomers,’ whose attitude did appear to differ substantially from my own ‘Generation X’.  I got the impression that my employer’s management were often dismissive when it came to identifying the need for training and developing their staff, and worse still when it came to authorising payment for it.  Somewhat ironic when we ourselves had a company training department for our customers

When in the ‘80s my department transitioned from traditional cut-and-paste print techniques to digital publishing, we were locked in a room for a week and expected to emerge the following Monday fully operational.  Since none of us had operated a PC before, let alone an AppleMac, the expectation was, let’s say, a tad ambitious!  And team morale subsequently hit rock bottom. 

When proper face-to-face Training was belatedly initiated however, we were transformed, and quickly developed into a very capable team. What’s more, now that everyone knew what we were doing, everyone’s attitude ‘flipped’ and we all became extremely enthusiastic about the new technology, sharing and devouring any new tip or technique.  I even bought my own ‘Mac’ for home use. 

Flipping’ that switch is both a science and an artform, and one we’ve successfully employed over and over via our Future Leaders Programme for BVAA Members.  Our recent article HERE features some fabulous feedback from the Cohort 6 delegates and their lecturer, and I wholeheartedly recommend reading it to learn more about their transformative experience. 

Then perhaps, if you and your staff member both agree, nominate them to join the 8th Cohort, for which we recently issued a call for nominations.  

‘Do something, and make something happen!’

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