MCP Engineering Plastics Showcase fluteck-C PCTFE at Achema

Published: 2nd July 2024 | Issue 93 Share article:

MCP Engineering Plastics had an excellent week exhibiting at Achema as part of the Fluorseals team. It was great to showcase our capabilities and what we can offer as part of the fluorseals family of companies. One of our materials on show was our fluteck C, PCTFE.

If you are searching for chemical resistance and outstanding barrier properties, dive into the world of fluteck-C PCTFE.

What sets it apart?

Its unparalleled performance in cryogenic applications, maintaining mechanical strength even in the most frigid environments.

Explore the endless possibilities with fluteck-C PCTFE. It’s stability at low temperature makes it a perfect choice as a ball valve seat or butterfly valve seat.

fluteck™ C PCTFE is resistant to the attacks of most chemicals and oxidation, as it has no hydrogen atoms.

fluteck™ C 100 is recommended for cryogenic applications due to its excellent mechanical properties and low permeability, but is not suitable for temperatures above 150 °C.

We now offer the full range of fluteck™ Fluoropolymer Products.

Feel free to talk to our industry experts and discuss any projects or applications.

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