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LG Ball Valves Limited is proud to announce its company brand re-launch “LG Valves” in the BVAA’s Valve User Magazine. As some will know LG Ball Valves Ltd was purchased by the AVS2 group in 2008. This group of companies now consists of Aberdeen Valve Supplies Ltd and LG Valves.

Since the acquisition a number of improvements have been implemented. Support and investment has been forthcoming from AVS2’s Chairman, Sylvia Aitken and Manager Director, Gordon Whyte. This backing has provided LG Valves with a fantastic opportunity to develop and strengthen itself in the market place from its core facility in the centre of the UK.
Based in the West Midlands, LG Valves is a true mark of quality British engineering. A niche product is at the core of LG Valves success. Not many valve manufacturers can boast deliveries of fully designed, manufactured and tested valves from raw materials to end product in 2 weeks!

All materials sourced by LG Valves must be of “original” Western European origin, this is something LG Valves has adhered to at all times. This ensures that quality traceable materials are being used to build our valves and we are proud to uphold this stance in a commercially driven market.

As part of the investment programme LG Valves has grown in numbers. Dedicated departments have been created so that customers and suppliers can feel valued when working with LG Valves. Many of the staff are local people from an area of historical manufacturing and they bring many years of knowledge and expertise to the company.

A new General Manager, Frankie McCarthy, has taken over the running of the Aldridge factory. Frankie brings a positive fresh perspective and for all those that know Frankie will recognize that his energy and enthusiasm will drive the organization forward.

Vita Anello was appointed Sales Development Manager in October 2009. Her focus has been to promote the products in the current range and develop both new and existing clients. She is also at the forefront with the development and marketing of the company, expanding horizons and bringing a new dimension to the company.

Phil Dicken has with has been with the company for a number of years and has seen many changes in the industry. Recently promoted to Internal Sales Manager, Phil oversees the day to day enquires and works closely with Vita providing sales support.

We have also recruited an experienced Sales Representative, Marc Chevalier. Marc is based in France and looks after LG Valves European and North African markets. He is actively working on ensuring that LG Valves is known for the quality and design required for top clients and end users.

Richard Clapp is LG Valves Production & QA Manager. Richard has both experience and knowledge of LG Valves from design, manufacture, build and testing. Having been at the company for almost 7 years Richard is involved with all major aspects of the valves produced. As part of the redevelopment plan Richard has implemented SolidWorks 3D CAD design software. This allows LG Valves to generate 3D general arrangement images for both manufacturing purposes and for client modelling systems.

Working alongside Richard is LG Valves Manufacturing & Technical Development Manager Ryan Kennedy. With many years in the industry Ryan brings knowledge and experience not only on the manufacturing and design side of the valves but also global market awareness and client service requirements.

Another area of the investment programme has been the overhaul of the Website. Due to be completed shortly the Webpage at www.lgvalves.co.uk will highlight the range of valves and services we provide. Some only consider LG Valves for standard metal seated Trunnion and Floating valves, but we do more! Twin isolation ball valves, multi-ported valves, exotic materials, high and low cryogenic temperatures…the list goes on! Our core market has been in the Oil and Gas industry supplying a number of valves for severe applications. As times have changed LG Valves has evolved, we also cover markets in Nuclear, Refinery, Defence, Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical.

All LG Valves are bespoke. We hold no preassembled valves in stock therefore all our valves are manufactured from raw materials allowing full conformance to individual client specifications – however arduous. Customers can be assured that their valves are designed and produced exactly as specified. Delivery is key to our business and fast track deliveries are essential to our success. As part of our service LG Valves can provide soft seat to metal seat conversions to valves not of their manufacture.

LG Valves, Tel: 01922 459999
Website www.lgvalves.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

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