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eTec Engineering Services Ltd (eTec) was formed by ex Boving valve design engineers in 2006 as a Design and Project Management company, to provide valve engineering services to the Power Industry. Utilising historical background knowledge of English Electric, Boving, Boving Newton Chambers, Kvaerner Boving and GE Energy (UK) installed valves, has contributed to the success of eTec today.
eTec combines over 100 years of product and technical knowledge offering bespoke designed valves, supplying to the UK’s generating companies with customers also in US, Malaysia, India, China and Australia.
Typical eTec products consist of:
• Butterfly Valves up to 4000 mm diameter designed to 35 Bar
• Spherical Valves 300 mm diameter and above, designed to 70 Bar
• Reflux Valve (Butterfly Type) 300mm to 1200mm diameter designed to 16 Bar
• Energy Dissipating Valve 300mm diameter and above designed to 30 Bar
• Four Way Valves up to 1600mm diameter designed to 6 Bar (81)
eTec currently has a reference list of both New Build Valves and Refurbished Valves. The New Build Valve ranges from 400mm to 3000mm diameter and is designed for working pressures ranging from 4 to 28 Bar, using painting, glass flake and ebonite coatings systems, with either manual, electric or hydraulic operators. Refurbished valves range from 400mm to 2200mm diameter using painting, glass flake and ebonite coatings systems.
eTec also offers:
• Engineering experience with Boving valves to provide a re-engineering service for valve parts
• A refurbishment service for all types of Thermal and Hydro valves
• Design improvements updating
equipment to latest standard of operation and safety requirements
• Onsite condition assessment and technical support
• Structural Integrity Analysis (FEA), Remaining Life Analysis and engineering
drafting services
• Site supervision for installation, assembly and commissioning of valves
• Specialist support when interfacing with Turbines, Governors and Control Systems within Hydro Power Stations.

eTec Engineering Services Limited, Tel: 01709 544111

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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