Emerson introduces new Fisher® Regulator Series

Internal view of Emerson’s Fisher EZHSO Series Regulator with Whisper Trim Cage

Emerson’s Fisher EZHSO series regulator with PRX Pilot
Emerson introduces new Fisher® Regulator Series and trim options that maximise uptime and reduce noise output

EZHSO Series Regulator and Whisper Trim technology ensure gas delivery with fail-open alternative and more efficient noise abatement

Emerson Process Management announces the release of the Fisher® EZHSO Series Regulator as well as Whisper Trim® Cage options to the EZH and EZHSO Series. The EZHSO design incorporates a patent-pending spring cartridge that offers a fail-to-open alternative, ensuring gas delivery and maximising uptime. The Whisper Trim technology provides efficient noise prevention at the source and the cage can be easily retrofitted in the field.

The Type EZHSO and EZHSO-OSX (slam-shut) regulators are available in 1, 2, and 3-inch sizes and provide the same benefits as Emerson’s proven Fisher Type EZH regulators. This includes a 103 bar (1500 psig) inlet/outlet rating to meet higher system requirements and an environmentally friendly, no-bleed design which eliminates emissions for higher pressure pipelines. Top-Entry maintenance reduces the time and expenses required for training, installation and maintenance, and the bubble-tight shutoff reduces cost of ownership by precisely regulating high-pressure transmission lines, providing consistent reliability of gas delivery and shutoff.

The Whisper Trim cage option is available for 2, 3, and 4-inch sizes, opening a broader application range for this product family. Noise reduction of 10 - 20 dB(A) can be achieved, depending on the application. As a “source treatment”, the Whisper Trim technology uses multiple orifices of special size, shape, and spacing, which reduces noise-producing interactions and offers a better alternative than path treatment or buried service. Units already installed can be easily retro-fitted with a Whisper Trim cage.

Emerson Process Management, Tel: 0870 240 1978
For more information visit www.fisherregulators.com

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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