AUMA supports Scottish Water scheme

AUMA actuators mounted on pressurised filters at Castle Moffat WTW

Two years since AUMA completed a site survey at Scottish Water’s Castle Moffat water treatment works (WTW), the actuator supplier reports on how its modular actuation technology has met the challenges of the scheme. As part of a £4 million upgrade of the WTW, improvements have been made to the facility’s valve and water processing operations and AUMA actuation technology successfully supported the project.

AUMA was selected to replace 84 pneumatic actuators installed on 14 pressurised sand filters at Castle Moffat WTW. The AS range of actuators were provided as, with a Profibus interface that enables remote mounting of local control stations, they met the demands of the space constraints of the site. Commenting on the main challenges of the contract Steve Holman, a Technical Sales Engineer for AUMA said:

“The work was completed in a staged process whilst the plant was live. We were given access to one filter per day. We removed the existing actuators for each filter and replaced these with new technology: it was imperative for the plant that the filter was brought back online at the end of each day.

“A major concern was the successful integration of a new Profibus process which, to ensure continued operation of the plant, had to be seamlessly amalgamated with an existing telemetry system. By utilising the AUMA plug and socket, which houses a Profibus card, it was possible to prove both actuator operation and Profibus network and therefore allay any fears of commissioning problems once the plant was live.”

AUMA conducted an initial site survey and the installation was completed 8 months later. Existing actuators were successfully replaced while the plant remained operational – this ensured the ongoing supply of drinking water. As part of a more robust treatment works, the actuators continue to provide essential valve control functionality to aid supply of high quality potable water to the majority of East Lothian.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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