Control Valve Solutions lift off with great success

By Mick Beavers – Managing Director

2009 was a year to remember for Control Valve Solutions. The company started trading on 25th March and within 10 months we had achieved what seemed impossible at the outset. We finished the year as a credible supplier to the industry, achieved ISO9001:2008 certification and FPAL registration, joined the UK Oil and Gas Association and of course were accepted as a member of the BVAA, something which has filled me with pride. Looking back over those short months as a member of this association, I have much to smile about, although it didn’t always feel so good as we tackled our challenges.
As important as achieving the certifications, registrations and acceptance into the industry, we have launched our offshore services division and opened our extensive workshops in Aberdeen. This has allowed us to undertake projects such as improving the efficiency of a CHP plant by an unprecedented factor, successfully complete our first major outage and sign four major contracts with offshore operators.

I start 2010 by looking back on our achievements in this short period and trying to put them into some kind of order while asking myself how we managed to achieve so much in such a short space of time. I have realised that the skills and knowledge surrounding us within this industry are the foundation we rely on; we all have ambition and drive but if we don’t have the resource, tools and support we need, those ambitions will remain unfulfilled. It is thanks to many members of the BVAA that I am in a position to write my first article for this publication, and I would like to thank you all for your support, your help and the belief you have shown in me over the last 10 months.

Planning is everything
When the pressure is on to deliver, having what you need when you need it is vital. Control Valve Solutions Ltd has achieved this by creating our own information management tool and placing it at the heart of our operation. ‘CVS Manager’ was launched in November 2009 and has enabled us to grow from strength to strength whilst retaining control of the rapidly growing scope of activity. From meetings to purchase orders, from quotations to a client valve management programme, CVS Manager provides us with the information we need in a very efficient manner. Unlike companies which invest in administrative staff, we have kept our operation lean, allowing us to pass the benefit of low overheads and minimal bureaucracy on to our clients. Our independent Strategic Business Consultant Graham Puntis of 318 Business Resource estimates that our software is doing the job of four people. CVS Manager allows us to deliver a fast, effective and bespoke service to all of our clients; the efficiency and reliability of our operations has impressed the largest of clients. Despite, or perhaps because of, this we are still able to offer the unique personal service and flexibility that is so uncommon in business these days.

Test facility launch
Comprehensive and reliable testing is the single most important factor in making sure a valve will operate successfully upon commissioning. We have invested a substantial amount of money in our control valve test rig. Using this, CVS conducts seat leakage tests to FCI 70-2 and hydrostatic testing to ANSI ISA 75.19.01-2007 on control valves up to 12" at test pressures of up to 15000psi, with a maximum flange rating of 1500lb. Using a range of metering techniques developed in-house we are able to conduct full CV testing on problematic valves to ensure that the valve meets all performance criteria once it leaves our facility. A huge advantage to our clients who would normally need to travel to our facility to conduct witness testing is the remote monitoring facility for the test rig. Using this, the client has access to live video footage of the testing via a number of webcams offering different viewing angles, and has access to live test data streamed directly to a dashboard display on their office PC screen. Our in-house testing has been in demand by many of our clients since its commissioning, all of whom are reaping the very real benefits of the tests conducted.

Process simulations impress clients
Testing alone will not guarantee the in-situ performance of the valve, but by simulating the conditions the valve is expected to see during its service life we can offer tuning and characterising services. This will ensure that the valve behaves as expected once in the field. We have completed many such projects for offshore companies since we established the company and have just completed testing in our facility on three severe service valves which we have upgraded. These valves have high differential pressures across them. The upgrade involved removal of the old actuators and fitment of new Fisher actuators complete with DVC6000 smart positioners having advanced diagnostic software. By using Emerson’s software we have been able to tune the valves’ characteristics under simulated process conditions in our workshops, leading to improved process on the platform. Using nitrogen as the simulated flow medium, we achieved the full differential and were able to prove the system prior to commissioning, saving the client valuable time and money. Working closely with companies like Emerson Process Management we can consistently offer efficient, effective packages that work seamlessly together under the most demanding conditions.

Creating value through alliances
We have had so many success stories over the past ten months. These range from enabling food plants to produce more than ever before; a theme park being able to offer a ride that now pulls maximum g-force; to offshore oil companies experiencing better control and a more stable process. By working closely with our suppliers, we have also been able to offer some truly unique services. Copes Vulcan have enabled us to offer solutions for a problem that previously caused hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost production and downtime. By working together we were able to engineer a new design of trim that enables the control valve in question to operate efficiently under two different process conditions at either end of the valve’s travel. In another case we solved a problem with emissions on various control valves by using James Walker’s Supagraph control, which we have now standardised on most offshore applications. Control Valve Solutions have also teamed up with an isolation valve company that offers zero leakage guaranteed for seven years through a metal to metal seat. We have seen some real interest in this product which we will be officially launching in March.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 13

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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