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The Company
Actuated Solutions is the UK’s leading independent supplier of valve automation products. Founded in 2003 and ISO 9001 certified, the company has a sales and design team who collectively have over 50 years experience in valve automation. With an in depth knowledge of both our products and our customers’ requirements, we provide a level of technical support missing from many of today’s leading suppliers.

As an independent company we pride ourselves on flexibility, quality, service and above all our ability to remain competitive in an economic climate where material costs are constantly rising. We are the sole UK agents for Quifer rack and pinion pneumatics, HQ Series electric actuators, APL series valve position monitors and ET series scotch yoke pneumatics. In addition to these brands we also stock a wide range of ancillary automation products.

Quifer Pneumatic Actuators
Quifer Actuators S.L. founded in 1975 is one of the oldest manufacturers of quarter turn rack and pinion pneumatic actuators. Their range features torque figures up to 4380Nm and includes 90°, 180° and 3-position fail mid actuators which are available in anodized aluminium. In addition to the aluminium design we have a ductile iron version for aggressive atmospheres / offshore locations. All designs conform to Namur and ISO 5211 standards and are patented worldwide
HQ Electric Actuators
The HQ range of electric actuators are manufactured by HK Contromatic. Their new manufacturing facility is supported by state of the art CNC machines with integrated robotic arms and ISO certified working procedures, the company also have their own aluminium die casting foundry.

The HQ range of electric actuators features torque figures from 40 to 3000Nm with a variety of control options including fail-safe battery backup actuators. The HQ is now widely used throughout the UK by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and utility companies. In partnership with Actuated Solutions, HKC have recently achieved ATEX certification for their HQ electric actuators and APL valve position monitors.

ET Series Scotch Yoke Actuators
In addition to their electric actuators, HK Contromatic also manufacture the ET series of heavy duty scotch yoke actuators. With torque figures up to 30,000Nm, ATEX and PED certification we are now able to supply pneumatic actuators complete with controls for larger Oil and Gas applications.

Actuated Solutions Ltd, Tel: 01243 827469
Website: www.actuated-solutions.co.uk

Published: 31st March 2010

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