Bestobell LNG Supplies First of Five Skaugen Multigas Carriers

Bestobell LNG, manufacturer of cryogenic valves for the marine LNG industry has supplied a range of globe valves for the ‘Norgas Innovation’, the first ship in a new series of Multigas carriers from I.M Skaugen.

The Skaugen Multigas vessels are unique and the first of their kind allowing for the transportation of a wide range of liquefied gas cargoes including LNG, ethylene, LPG and VCM. Furthermore the ships’ cargo-handling systems are able to carry liquefied gases in either a fully refrigerated or semi refrigerated state and two grades of cargo can be transported simultaneously in a fully segregated manner.

Bestobell LNG supplied a range of DN25 – DN100 manual and actuated cryogenic globe valves to be installed on the cargo containment system and innovative mini LNG plant to reliquefy all natural boil off gas.

Andrew Brown, Bestobell LNG Director said “It was a pleasure to work with Skaugen and to be involved with ground breaking technology on the new Multigas carriers. The Multigas carrier will add diversity to the operator and be able to deliver LPG and LNG to coastal receiving terminals.

In late 2010 the Norgas Innovation will be dedicated to Nordic LNG to supply natural gas to a wide range of customers such as ‘stranded’ industrial users who do not have access to the gas pipeline network, maritime users where natural gas is replacing conventional marine diesel to power vessels to help meet new stricter emissions requirements from IMO, and small-scale LNG terminals for onward distribution.

Small-scale LNG will enable industrial users and power plants in these stranded markets to switch from oil based processes and power generation to more cost efficient gas and with a significant reduction of CO2 and other emissions. The environmental impact of switching to gas are indisputable; 25-30% less CO2 emission, 80% less NOx and 100% reduction of both SOx and particulate matters.

Skaugen are a forward thinking company which fits Bestobell LNG’s approach to the developing markets for LNG and LPG. LNG marine bunkering fuel is still in its early stage but it is a business that will grow and it is our intention to grow with it offering new and exciting LNG/LPG valve technology to ensure zero leakage, ease of operation and low cost maintenance.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 14

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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