Emerson expands Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit


Flexible kit now features the Smart Wireless THUMô
Adapter and Wireless position monitors to deliver once-stranded process and diagnostics data from instruments and valves.

Emerson Process Management has expanded its configurable Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit to include the Smart Wireless THUM Adapter and Wireless Position Monitors. These WirelessHART devices easily convert wired HART instruments and valves into wireless, for delivery of once stranded data improving plant performance and safety.

Emersonís Smart Wireless technology is currently deployed in thousands of installations across industries and world regions. The new THUM adapter and wireless position monitor enable plants to wirelessly access digital information from HART instrumentation points and valves that were previously limited to single-variable analogue communications.

The THUM Adapter easily retrofits on any existing two- or four-wire HART device to enable transmission of measurement and diagnostics information not available using analogue-only communications. Users now have the opportunity to make any HART device wireless, enabling new measurement variables. Users can then gain access to advanced instrument diagnostics, remotely manage devices, monitor device health, efficiently gather data from multivariable devices and enable enhanced valve capabilities.

Emersonís Wireless Position Monitors use non-contact technology to detect linear and rotary movement on many types of equipment, including valves, sliding stem regulators, displacement and float level sensors, and relief valves. They provide percent-of-span feedback, similar to a position transmitter, and on/off or open/closed feedback using two limit switches. The wireless position monitors can also monitor device temperature.

Both devices are now available as part of Emerson's expanded Smart Wireless starter kit, an easy-to-configure suite of Smart Wireless technologies and services that gives users a low-risk way to gain practical experience with wireless. The kit can be ordered online (www.EmersonProcess.co.uk/SmartWireless) and includes any combination of five or more wireless pressure, temperature, DP level, DP flow, vibration, or pH transmitters and discrete switches together with any combination of wireless enabling THUM Adapters and Wireless Position Monitors, to collect previously untapped process and diagnostics data.

The kit also includes a secure, robust Smart Wireless Gateway and AMSô Suite predictive maintenance software, which delivers diagnostic information from the wireless devices. There is also an AMS Wireless SNAP-ONô application which enables easy design of wireless networks, as well as network and device diagnostics information. SmartStartô Services provide a full network health assessment to ensure robust communications plus verification of device functionality and output to the userís Modbus, OPC, Ethernet or other communications system.

No site surveys, front end engineering design, or special tools are required to implement a wireless network using the kit. Everything can be installed and commissioned within minutes and users can easily add additional devices to their wireless network.

Emerson Process Management Tel: 0870 240 1978
For more information about Smart Wireless, visit www.emersonprocess.co.uk/SmartWireless, and for videos go to www.EmersonSmartWireless.com/Videos

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