Flow Group continues investment support

HNK Machining centre

To support our growing business and increasing demand for the Shipham Valve high performance butterfly and dual plate check valve products, Flow Group have made a further investment of around £500k with the addition of a new heavy duty CNC machining centre.
The new machining centre, manufactured by HNK of South Korea, was successfully installed and commissioned during February 2010.

The HNK Model 14/16 Vertical Turning Centre has Fanuc controls, full C axis, and is equipped with a 24 station Automatic Tool Change with live tooling and combined 3 and 4 jaw chuck.

The HNK 14/16 Vertical Turning Centre is only the second to be installed in the UK, with the capability of turning 1600mm diameter, a maximum machining height of 1200mm and maximum work pieces of 8000kg in weight will predominantly service the butterfly and dual plate check valve products but can also provide much needed additional capacity to the other Shipham valve ranges.

Shipham Valves’ Operations Director, Mr Syd Williamson said “It is the end of an era replacing the last remnants of pre CNC machining stock that have been part of the workshop for many decades. This new state-of-the-art HNK machining centre further enhances our capability for improved machining accuracy and repeatability, keeping Shipham Valves at the forefront of the global manufacture of quality engineered valve products.”
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 14

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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