Total Carbide’s Tungsten Carbide Crush Rolls

Ground carbide crusher roll and test piece

Extending life, reducing downtime and saving costs for IncoTest.

Total Carbide, the leading European manufacturer of tungsten carbide wear parts, has proven that tungsten carbide crusher rolls last six times longer than D2 steel versions and that further time and cost savings are realised as regrinding is less frequent and labour and machine time are released to other operations.

Total Carbide first proved these savings for an aerospace test house before approaching IncoTest, part of Special Metals Corporation, the world leading innovator and manufacturer of nickel based superalloys, which annually grind approximately 25,000 test pieces of 30 different types for customers in a range of industries including aerospace, petrochemical and electronics.

IncoTest originally manufactured the crush rolls in-house using fully treated D2 tool steel. After producing approximately 200 test pieces, depending on the complexity of the form, the rolls then had to be reground. The combined operation of producing the new rolls and the regrinding of worn rolls was occupying around 20 hours per week of highly skilled labour and a precision grinding machine, both of which were needed to perform an additional finishing operation on an increasing number of special test pieces.

After initial discussions between the companies on the process to manufacture test pieces, Total Carbide developed a solution and identified a suitable tungsten carbide grade for the application. The first tungsten carbide crush roll was produced and delivered in May 2008. It took four months of continual use before the roll was sufficiently worn to return for regrinding. During this time, IncoTest produced six times as many test pieces as previously produced with the steel roll. This performance convinced IncoTest of the benefits of tungsten carbide rolls over steel rolls and justified the purchase of a further nine tungsten carbide crusher rolls. These were delivered in early 2009 and were in constant use throughout the year. In addition, a further tungsten carbide roll of the original test piece form has been ordered to ensure continuity of manufacture while the other is being reground at Total Carbide.

Total Carbide and IncoTest now have an ongoing technical co-operation to engineer solutions and are currently reviewing other applications which could prove beneficial in saving costs. The companies are currently in discussion to produce tungsten carbide thread form crush rolls.

The benefits gained from applying a Tungsten Carbide solution for this steel product can be replicated in the manufacture of valve components and assemblies, resulting in lower running costs due to less downtime for repairs and servicing. Total Carbide are available to advise on specific material grades and assist with the application of Tungsten Carbide into new and existing designs of components and equipment. Please contact Total Carbide for your Total solution.

Total Carbide Ltd, Tel: 01844 275171

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 14

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