Reasons To Be Cheerful!

As I write, the British Government are introducing some of the severest budget cuts in a generation, with an estimated £81 billion being slashed from public spending.

We are also continuing to build two aircraft carriers it’s said we no longer need (and cannot populate with aircraft) which will immediately be mothballed as we cannot afford to run them! All this because the contract cancellation charges are more costly than to carry on building (someone seriously needs to look at Government contract smallprint I feel). And just to top things off, our latest, super-sophisticated nuclear submarine, costing £1 billion, has just run aground and is, embarrassingly, stranded on a sandbank. What’s even more surprising is the British Navy did exactly the same thing, in the same place, 8 years ago with its predecessor! Some lessons are never learned.

BUT, as the rest of the world appears to plumb the depths of madness, the global valve industry continues to quietly thrive and prosper. Let’s hope these machinations elsewhere do not affect us too badly. Perhaps there would be merit in looking to China’s approach and appoint a mechanical engineer as out next Prime Minister?!

From BVAA, there is as always good news. We are delighted to be representing our many members via this magazine, and also at Valve Word in Dusseldorf where we hope many Valve Users will visit our stand, 3A64. A handy floor plan showing all the BVAA members exhibiting is inserted in this issue. Finally we have some terrific news regarding our User Manual. We very much hope you enjoy this issue.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 15

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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