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Performance with control
Schubert & Salzer Control Systems search for new approaches to potential reductions in the size of some bulky conventional valves combined with an increase in precision resulted, some twenty years ago, in the development of a new principle in the form of the Sliding Gate Valve. The GS or sliding gate valve is now a well-established, accepted part of the processing sector in areas including the chemical industry, steelworks, foodstuffs companies and pharmaceuticals.

The principal is proven to be particularly effective where demand on the valve is exacting and the requirement is for precise, fast and economical control of liquid, vapour and gaseous media. GS Valves are proven to offer reductions in space, energy consumption and cost. Other application benefits include optimized flow capacity, ease of installation and maintenance and a reduction of 90% in required operating force.

How it functions:
A sealing plate fixed in the body at right angles to the flow direction has a number of horizontal slots of equal height. A second disc with the same arrangement of slots is moved at right angles to the disc fitted in the body, thereby changing the flow cross section. The resulting differential pressure presses the moving disc against the fixed disc and seals it.

The GS valve is a light and highly accurate valve delivering high performance and variable orifice control. The seat design features a non turbulent, straight through flow path and the flow is broken apart into multiple streams creating a reduced field of energy resulting in greater service life, quieter operation and a control valve that performs at the highest levels possible within extreme conditions. Maximized temperatures and pressures, 500°C and 100 bar, (DN 15 - 200) Carbon Steel and 316 Ti Stainless Steel.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 15

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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