Emerson announces extended Fisher® Control-Disk™ Range

Fisher Control-Disk valve now available in sizes NPS 14 to 24  and ASME Class 150 & 300

Emerson Process Management announces extended line sizes for the Fisher® Control-Disk™ valve. The Control-Disk valve offers excellent throttling performance and is ideal for applications that involve fast processes and varying pressure drops, such as in the hydrocarbon, refining, chemical, pulp and paper, and metals and mining industries.

The Control-Disk valve’s wide control range is twice that of traditional butterfly valves for better adherence to set point. This improved capability allows control closer to the target set point, regardless of process disturbances, which results in a reduction in process variability.

The Control-Disk valve is reliable and has low maintenance requirements, especially when it is paired with a Fisher actuator and FIELDVUE™ digital valve controller, resulting in high plant availability. This assembly can capture and deliver diagnostic data to ValveLink™ software, providing an accurate picture of valve, actuator, and digital valve controller performance. This makes it a core component of Emerson’s PlantWeb™ digital plant architecture.

Selecting the Fisher Control-Disk valve couldn’t be easier. As a direct replacement valve, existing piping can be used. Both soft and metal seals are available to address specific application needs.

The new Control-Disk valve sizes are designed for installation between ASME Class 150 or Class 300 raised-face flanges with flangeless (wafer) or single flange (lugged) body designs. Face-to-face dimensions are in compliance with API 609 and MSS SP-68 standards.

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Website: www.emersonprocess.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 15

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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