Paladon Saves Power and Improves Reliability

Centralized Electro-Hydraulic Control System

Typical Turbine Bypass System Architecture
Power Station Operators now have a greener alternative for Turbine Protection. Paladon’s proportional control system offers significant power savings and improved system reliability.

Paladon Systems Ltd unveils the most environmentally friendly and reliable electro-hydraulic Turbine Bypass System currently available for the power generation industry. Designed primarily for large coal, oil or gas fired power stations; Paladon’s new system redefines what power station operators can expect from their bypass systems; in terms of reliability, environmental responsibility and OPEX.

Traditionally, large power stations have relied on electro-hydraulic Turbine Bypass Systems to protect their turbines during start-up or shut-down operations, or in the event of a system abnormality. Although these types of systems have been widely used in the power generation industry for many years, the technology has suffered from one major drawback.

Paladon’s Product Manager Mike Northwood explains, “Until now, most Turbine Bypass Systems have relied on spool type proportional solenoid valves to position the bypass valves; however, spool type designs simply cannot offer tight shut-off. The constant bleed through them means that operators need to run their central Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) 24/7 to maintain system pressure; even though turbine bypass valves spend the vast majority of the time in just one position. Not only does the constant operation of the HPU result in significant wear and tear, jeopardizing system availability, but it also results in very high OPEX due to the constant power consumption of the system’s pumps and cooling systems.”

“Paladon’s Turbine Bypass System uses a proportional control system which is leak free, so the HPU only has to run during the actual operation of the bypass valves,” adds Paladon’s Managing Director Brian Ennever. “In addition, our systems use a manifold design which further reduces the likelihood of leakage. Considering the bypass system’s close proximity to steam pipes which have operating temperatures above the ignition point of most mineral oils, virtually eliminating the chance of leakage was a key design criterion for our systems.”

Mike Northwood concludes, “With the significantly reduced power consumption requirements, coupled with the fact that all our systems can run on biodegradable hydraulic fluid as standard, we offer power station operations a more environmentally responsible, safe and reliable alternative to the bypass systems they are currently operating. These systems are available now, and we welcome inquiries from existing power station operators, and any EPCs involved in the construction of new power stations.”

Headquartered in Brixworth England, Paladon Systems Ltd was established in 1981 and provides valve automation and control system solutions to the power generation and oil and gas industries.

Paladon Systems Ltd, Tel: 01604 880700

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 15

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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