MCE join forces with DREHMO

MCE Group plc are pleased to announce our partnership arrangement with DREHMO Actuators.

Over the course of the last two financial years, MCE Group plc has re-invested a substantial amount of money in capital equipment, in order to improve our valve services to industry.

Thus, we have extended our in house capabilities to include several diagnostic services, not least of which has been our V-cal in situ safety relief valve test equipment, which has already attracted a busy program from the process and power generation industries both within the UK and abroad.

We pride ourselves in not having to subcontract our core business to others.

However we consider enhancement of our services to be just as important in the broader concept of our development.

Wherever material flows through pipelines in liquid, gas or powder form several kinds of valves are used to shut off or to regulate the rate of flow or pressure. For reliable remote operation of these valves, whether they be globe, gate, ball or butterfly valves or damper, DREHMO electromechanical actuators have been employed successfully over the world for several decades.
Product series:
• i-matic Actuators
• Matic C Actuators
• Standard Actuators
• Compact Actuators

MCE Group plc, Tel.: 01642 882211

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 15

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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