Dewrance brings Steam Safety to Solar

Tyco’s Dewrance valves provide steam control for solar power plants

Tyco’s specialist Dewrance valves are providing steam control for the new generation of commercial solar power plants in southern Europe and the USA.

Solar power technology uses the energy of the sun to produce superheated steam for power turbines. The Dewrance range of extraction check valves have been specifically designed for installation in bled steam lines between steam turbines and feed water heaters. The simple and robust design prevents the reverse flow of stored steam and any water from the heater, or its bled steam pipe, to the turbine.

Designed for maximum reliability, the Dewrance extraction check valve has unique geometry comprising a conical seat and disc for a tight seal without scuffing. The combination of disc geometry and body shape produces a seat angle which delivers short disc travel, keeping the valve fully open over a wide range of flows. This design is suitable for conditions from sub-atmospheric bled steam up to ANSI 2500 class for steam and water.

The check valve can be fitted with a direct mounted, quick closing pneumatic actuator which acts directly on the disc. Each actuator is specifically designed for its particular application.

Though commercial solar power generation plants can be designed using a number of different methods, such as solar tower, parabolic trough, integrated solar combined cycle system and compact linear Fresnel reflectors, the end process of power generation generally includes a steam turbine. Tyco has a complete range of valves and actuators proven in critical high temperature applications across all solar power technologies.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 15

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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