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Paladon Systems was established in 1981 as a Valve Automation Centre. For the first 15 years of its history, it bought out all components for its systems; however, in 1996 Paladon Systems decided that they could improve their product offering, and level of market responsiveness by designing and manufacturing their own valve actuators.

Managing Director Brian Ennever explains, “Prior to 1996, we had numerous relationships with manufacturers, and although we were rapidly expanding during that time, we started seeing applications that simply could not be met using the products available from our existing suppliers. We’ve always believed that one of our biggest strengths is being able to provide bespoke and turn-key valve automation solutions for those clients with particularly demanding and critical applications. To be able to fully support this area of this business, it became clear that we could only do this by having complete control over the design and manufacture of the valve actuators.”

Since 1996, Paladon Systems has grown its valve automation product offering to include comprehensive lines of pneumatic and hydraulic scotch-yoke and linear actuators, and a rotary electric actuator range.

“Designing a comprehensive suite of valve actuators based on specific market and customer requirements was just the beginning,” adds Product Manager Mike Northwood. “There are many actuator companies out there today for end users to choose from, but we differentiate ourselves by being able to offer complete turn-key solutions. It doesn’t matter how effective a valve or actuator is in itself, without a reliable control system, it all counts for nothing. With nearly 30 years of supplying complete onshore, offshore and subsea valve automation packages to the oil and gas industry, we are sufficiently experienced with the most critical applications, often operating in the harshest environments, to be able to solve pretty much any operational challenges brought to our attention.”

Brian Ennever continues, “Talking about technically demanding applications, we’re currently fulfilling a contract with Gazprom for the supply of self-contained electro-hydraulic actuator control systems for their Bovanenkovo - Ukhta pipeline. What makes this application particularly interesting is the requirement for the systems to operate down to -60°C. No other actuator manufacturer has ever provided certified systems for such an extreme low temperature application, and Gazprom came to us asking that we design one for them.”

“It is these types of technically challenging applications in which Paladon Systems has created a market niche for itself. Whereas many larger actuator companies focus on large unit sales of fairly basic systems, we understand that we can best add value to our clients operations by helping them solve their unique, critical and demanding valve automation requirements.”

It is not just through bespoke valve automation solutions where Paladon Systems differentiates itself, but also via its innovative technology.

Marketing Manager Matthew Shepherd explains, “The basic principles and technology needed to create the rotary and linear forces necessary to operate valves has been around for many years and is therefore well proven; leaving ever diminishing opportunities to improve upon it. So, to continue to enhance the value that we can bring to our customers operations, we’ve been concentrating on the design and manufacture of innovative control systems and control components that reduce our customer’s OPEX; as well as enhancing their operations with regards to personnel safety and environmental protection.”

“We have just released two new and innovative products; the Autonomous Shutdown Valve (ASV) and the TVC hydraulic positioner. The ASV is a self-contained subsea system primarily designed for use with PLEM valves in marine tanker loading and offloading terminals. The ASV uses the pipeline pressure itself to power a spring-return actuator which, through a proprietary control system, ensures that the PLEM valves open automatically during pumping operations, and close on termination of pumping, or in the event of a linebreak condition. When compared to the ways that PLEM valves are typically automated today, it is clear that the ASV provides marine terminal operators with a very real opportunity to significantly reduce their operating costs, as well as minimizing the chance of environmental pollution, and the resulting clean-up costs.”

Mike Northwood continues, “The TVC is a smart hydraulic positioner that provides the all the functionality previously only available from pneumatic valve positioners. Developed from our many years of experience with providing positional control systems, the TVC can be used in positional and on/off valve applications; and offers users full diagnostics and digital communication using all common protocols. In addition to providing all the features expected today from pneumatic positioners, the TVC offers users the ability to automatically partial stroke test their valves on a regular basis and capture all the applicable data. With auditable partial stroking now being mandated for most critical service applications, and specifically ESDV, our customers now don’t have to worry about system integrity and compliance in this regard.”

In summary, Brian Ennever adds, “With a complete suite of valve actuators, coupled with our proven capability of providing bespoke control systems for critical and demanding applications; we have the products and expertise to meet and often exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements. Considering our product scope and expertise, coupled with a fully certified onshore and offshore site services team; we really do offer our customers Total Valve Control.”

Paladon Systems Ltd, Tel: 01604 880700

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 15

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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