Paladon Systems Lloyds Certification for Cool Actuators!

Self-contained electro-hydraulic valve actuator packages for Gazprom's exceed -60°C requirement

Actuator hydraulic cylinder at -65°C

Environmental chamber after completion of -65°C testing

Self-contained electro-hydraulic valve actuator system
Following extensive testing, Paladon Systems is pleased to announce that they have passed Gazprom’s extreme low temperature requirement, and have subsequently received the first order for the supply of twenty systems for Gazprom’s 1,100Km Bovanenkovo - Ukhta pipeline.

The systems being provided are quarter-turn double-acting scotch-yoke actuators using self-contained electrohydraulic control systems for the supply hydraulic power, and to provide local and remote on/off valve control.

“Considering the complex control system requirements, it was a significant technical challenge to design the systems to ensure reliable operation at -60°C. Low temperature steel was required for the actuators, as well as an innovative approach to protecting the hydraulic and electrical control system components from the extreme cold” said Product Manager, Mike Northwood.

After extensive testing, and despite temperatures falling to below -100°C at times within the environmental testing chamber, the system's performance exceeded all expectations, and has just been Lloyds certified for use down to -65°C.

“This is another exciting world's first for Paladon. Following extensive testing at -60°C and below, we were pleased to see our system functioning at these extreme temperatures without any problems at all; and to note that we can now supply actuators and controls into the coldest environments on Earth. We look forward to working closely with Gazprom until the successful completion of the 1,100km pipeline” said Engineering Design Manager, James Cox.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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