Zoedale introduce Next Generation Electric Actuators

The New Generation ER Premier + Plus Electric Actuator

The new “PLUS” Actuator

Cut away showing the Multi-base options

Battery Fail safe Facility

Positioner Facility
Zoedale Plc is pleased to announce the introduction into the UK market place of the “Next Generation” Valpes Electric Actuators. The “Premier” and “Plus” Electric Actuators build on the established market leading ER and EK ranges that have been the bedrock of the Valpes success story across Europe.

The “Premier” unit is designed as the replacement for the traditional EK unit and is the “first step” in valve actuation providing four models delivering torques from 20Nm to 100Nm.

The “Premiers” compact design features with IP65 rated housing providing a strong base actuator unit for S4- 30% duty on-off actuation. The “Premier” unit is supplied with standard equipment including 2 feedback switches, torque limiter device, visual indicator, mechanical end stops and declutch manual override facility.

The “Premier” unit also retains the traditional multi-voltage facility in two models:-

High voltage:- 90v to 240-50/60Hz and 90-350vDC. Low voltage:- 24v AC/DC.

The Advanced “ER Plus” Electric Actuator builds on the massive success of the second generation ER Multi-volt unit.

The base ER Plus unit still retains all the features of the original ER model (2 feedback switches, torque limiter system, and declutch manual override) and is now available in six models covering output torques from 10Nm to 100Nm. In addition to all the standard ER components the “Plus” package boasts the latest in PCB technology and an integration facility via an RS485 interface for fault

An upgrade to the Plus Actuator housing material ensures a stronger housing which following the most strenuous independent testing is now supplied covering the High Flammability class requirements of UL 94 V0. The housing upgrade also provides the benefits of uplifting the ingress protection of the actuator from IP65 to IP66. The introduction of a self regulating anti-condensation heater gives extra protection to the impressive state of the art control boards and to the S4 50% duty rated motor.

Optional Extras for the Plus Actuator Include:-

_ Battery Fail-safe system (Normally Open or Closed). _ Positioning facility, providing reversible 0-10v, 0- 20mA and 4-20mA control. _ Travel movement options of 180° to 270° rotation. _ Feedback Potentiometers and additional travel limit switches. _ A Third position stop facility for mid position valve control. The “Plus” unit is compliant with both the European CE, RoHs and REACH standards.

Zoedale Plc, Tel: 01234 832832
Website: www.zoedale.co.uk

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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