Tyco’s Valve and Actuator for Subsea

Tyco Announces Integrated Valve and Actuator for Subsea Environment

Fasani conduit slab type gate valve

Tyco Flow Control has announced an integrated slab gate valve and actuator for subsea application designed in unison for optimal performance. A Fasani slab gate valve and a Biffi hydraulic linear failsafe actuator were developed together, eliminating the need for adaptors.

The subsea slab gate valve is the first range developed by Fasani and meets API 6A, annex F PR2 requirements and API 17D hyperbaric testing guidelines, guaranteeing the highest performance in deep-water applications. Designing the valve and actuator together allowed Tyco to integrate and maximise the capabilities of both, leading to a robust and compact package. The subsea solution has been designed with subsea trees, manifolds and injection systems in mind, although its function can be used in numerous applications.

For ultra-deep water applications, high external pressure and harsh conditions require robust, fail-safe engineering. The Fasani slab gate valve incorporates a carbon steel-forged body, floating seats and closed compensation system on the actuator. The valve is API pressure rated at 7,500 psi. The body to bonnet gasket includes four lip seals – double stem packing and two independent packing glands. The combination underwent strict hyperbaric testing to ensure the ultra deep water valves perform reliably over a number of decades. Tyco has its own hyperbaric chambers in France that can simulate pressure equal to a depth of 3000m. Leakage rates are continuously monitored at each stem barrier and body seal, ensuring a thorough assessment of performance at operating pressure.

“Designing this valve and actuator in tandem marks an important step in integrated design.” comments David Sinsou, Global Marketing Manager, Subsea. “We are enlarging our reliable solution portfolio for deepwater subsea.”

Tyco has created valve and actuator packages for more than 50 subsea projects across the North Sea, West Africa and the rest of the world, bringing extensive valve and control experience to ultra-deep water levels. Lifecycle testing guarantees that the product will outlive the lifespan for which it was intended.

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Website: www.tycoflowcontrol.com

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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