Power station upgrade introduces Rotork CVA

Rotork CVA electric control valve actuator on a fluid drive application

Gothenburg Energy is western Sweden’s leading energy company, providing energy services, heating, cooling, natural gas, electricity and broadband. At one of its power stations the company has introduced the Rotork CVA electric control valve actuator on a fluid drive application, in order to update the equipment and reduce maintenance requirements.

Fluid drives, which are also known as hydraulic drives, are used to hydraulically change the speed of the driven load when the driving motor is operating at a constant speed. There are two methods of hydraulically varying the speed – a fluid coupling or a hydraulic pump and motor. The CVA application is on the power station feed water pump. A CVQ- 1200 quarter-turn actuator has been installed to adjust the drive and provide varying output speeds from the single speed motor on the pump.

The CVA has replaced an obsolete electric actuator on the installation. The new actuator operates with a 24Vd.c. power source and 4-20mA control signal as standard, so Gothenburg Energy did not need to make any changes to the power and signal cabling when carrying out the upgrade.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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