Leeds Valve Help Jersey Go Green

Looking down into the existing sea water culvert

One of the 60" bore butterfly valves
Leeds Valve is assisting the Jersey Electricity Company (JEC) and the States of Jersey in a major £105 million Energy from Waste project that will provide clean, green energy to the Jersey Islanders.

The project will see the out-dated incinerator which gives off visible emissions being replaced with a new 10MW Energy from Waste incinerator which will produce electricity to run itself and power 10,000 homes.

As part of the project, JEC were commissioned to provide cooling water from the existing systems of La Collette power station. Leeds Valve, which is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of butterfly valves for niche applications, supplied JEC with a number of isolation valves to be installed in the existing 45 year old sea water culvert system so that the new cooling water system can be tapped off it.

To reduce system downtime and allow for interchangability each of the non-standard 1.5m (5ft), 2.2 tonne butterfly valves were manufactured to the original dimensions. Leeds Valve Technical Director George Burns said: “Our expertise in manufacturing non-standard butterfly valves for use in even the most challenging environments made Leeds Valve the ideal partner for JEC on this project. JEC needed valves to fit their existing 60" pipe work and the existing pits, so the valves had to be sized to exactly meet these dimensional constraints. Our great strength lies in our ability to supply competitively priced, custom-made butterfly valves that precisely meet requirements.”

The valves, which are thought to be the biggest on the island, are capable of shutting off a full-bore flow rate of 20,000m3 hour.

Each valve has been manufactured to meet the exacting requirements of this application. They have double flanged bodies in ASTM A126 Class B material, protected by a fully vulcanised rubber lining, which is machined to give optimum interference for low torque and extended wear life. The valve internals are in high-grade sea water resistant aluminium bronze.

The system has now been pressure tested and commissioned and is to provide cooling water to the Energy from Waste plant for the next 25 years.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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