Emerson Unveils New Smart Network Switch for the DeltaVTM Digital Automation System

Emerson’s smart network switches are specifically designed to ‘plug and play’ within a DeltaV<sup>TM

New smart switches are pre-configured out-of-the box, ‘plug and play’ for use in DeltaV system network

Emerson Process Management has unveiled a new line of smart network switches specifically designed to ‘plug and play’ within a DeltaVTM digital system network. These switches come completely pre-configured, requiring no setup of the switching functions by the user. In addition, they provide an easy-to-use security feature to help prevent unauthorised network connections to the switch.

Emerson’s new smart switches feature software which is specifically designed to provide switch monitoring capabilities and security features for the DeltaV system. They use patent pending, Emerson "one-click lockdown" software for these security functions.

"These smart switches are as easy to use as an unmanaged switch but with all the features of a managed switch for network security and monitoring," said Bob Huba, product manager for DeltaV Security. "Smart switches are configured for use out-of-the-box in the DeltaV system. No configuration is required to gain the added security benefits of the DeltaV smart switch."

"Our customers tell us they want the ease of use of an unmanaged switch, but they must have the security and monitoring capabilities of a managed switch," says Duncan Schleiss, vice president of product marketing, Emerson Process Management. "The DeltaV smart switches give the customer exactly what they are asking for - easy and secure."

"The great thing is that we are doing this with the low cost and high reliability of commercial off-the-shelf technology that customers have come to expect," Duncan continued. "The smart switch is part of the DeltaV product family and is tracked as part of service agreements, and follows the same 10 year life cycle availability as all our products."

DeltaV switches provide Megabit and Gigabit speeds over wired and fibre communications. They are available from 8 port DIN rail mounted switches to a modular 24 port rack mount switch with 8 wired ports and up to an additional 16 wired or fibre optic ports. Both the DIN rail and rack mount switches provide a modular solution so a user can optimise the cost and footprint to more exactly meet their specific need.

DeltaV systems are a core component of Emerson’s open standards-based PlantWeb® digital plant architecture which substantially reduces project costs, with customers typically saving over 30% on installed costs.

To learn more about Emerson’s DeltaV smart network switches, watch a brief video at
http://www.emersonprocess.com/videos/CONTENT/BobHubaPresentation/player.html or go to www.EmersonProcess.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 9

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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