Exeeco awarded ‘top marks’

Exeeco awarded ‘top marks’ for boiler control valve upgrade at Glasgow University

The new valve and actuator installation at the University of Glasgow

“The team at Exeeco served our requirements very well from initial enquiry through to completion. They attended to queries satisfactorily both in writing and site visits.”

These comments from Hamish Alexander, Maintenance Engineer at the University of Glasgow, sums up the performance of Exeeco on the successful completion of an actuated valve and control panel upgrade in the University’s boiler house.

Two boilers supply the University’s main campus buildings with steam. The boilers maintain pressure overnight which is released through two automatic control valves opening on the outlet pipe work. The control valve actuators operate from a PLC signal that is present during pre-programmed times, determined by varying building occupation.

One of the actuated valves was not seating correctly, creating boiler inefficiencies due to increased and uncontrolled steam supply. Both the actuator and control panel were obsolete and spare parts were not available, so replacement was essential. Hamish contacted valve actuation specialist Exeeco for the new installation, comprising a new valve, actuator and local control panel, which had to be designed and built to interface with the existing PLC control system, together with replacement power and control cabling between the panel and the actuator.

Exeeco provided the solution by sourcing a new valve and a Rotork actuator, designing and fabricating the valve/actuator adaptation and a new control panel after interpreting the existing schematic wiring diagrams and control philosophy. Critical to the design was the need for a very slow valve opening rate, which was achieved by a dual speed timer in the actuator, controlling alternate opening and delay periods. All the new equipment was installed and commissioned by fully qualified Exeeco engineers and the customer was supplied with a complete set of ‘as built’ Solid Edge CAD drawings, earning the company ‘top marks’ for its performance.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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