Xomox® XLD Lined Butterfly Valves

Resistant to permeation, Xomox® XLD offers safety and extended product life.

Xomox®XLD process butterfly valves have robust liners: The wall thickness in the flow area is a minimum of 3 mm (PFA) and 4 mm (PTFE), offering a high level of operational safety, as media permeation is considerably slower compared to thin-walled standard liners. Also, this feature allows increased up-time and enables a longer effective product life - which translates into a safety and a cost advantage. The integrity of the lining is reaffirmed by subjecting it to a 20,000 Volt electrical defect detection test.

The DIN/ISO-5211 flange enables direct mounting of the operating device and the neck length (which is in accordance with ISO requirements), allowing for simple thermal insulation.

Xomox®XLD butterfly valve features lower (breakaway) torque compared to other products currently available in the market. Low torque is enabled by our revolutionary design of the internal sealing mechanism and bearings. This also permits the use of smaller and more economical actuators, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced energy consumption.

Product Features:

Substantial PFA liners for 3" through 12" sizes and PTFE liners for 14" through 24" size. Benefit is resistance to permeation leading to extension of product life and operator safety because of lack of atmospheric leakage.

Live loaded stem sealing system. Benefit is atmospheric sealing integrity and no manual adjustment over the life of the valve.

Low torque. Benefit is smaller operators taking up less space, ease of operation and cost savings with less expensive automation packages.

Improved disc design leading to less deflection at higher pressures and tighter in-line seal

ISO 5211 Actuator Mounting Pad for standardized operator mounting

Live loaded self-adjusting shaft seal with triple O ring protection

Blow-out proof shaft design for additional operator safety

Extended body and disc liner above the shaft seals provide optimum protection of the O ring shaft seals from corrosive media

PTFE atmospheric seal protects internal components from atmospheric corrosion and provides locating ring for actuator mounting

Fully encapsulated bottom shaft eliminates potential leak path at bottom of valve and obviates the necessity for further sealing elements


EN-JS1049 / ASTM A395 Ductile Iron body and disc full fluoropolymer lined. Other materials on request

Pressure Range:

PN 10 and ANSI Class 150 (Max shutoff pressure at 150 psi)

Temperature Range:

0°-400° F / -20° C to 200° C

Size Range:

2" (50mm) through 12" (300mm) PFA Lined

14" (350mm) through 24" (600mm) PTFE Lined


Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 9

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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