Flowserve increase Nuclear Manufacturing Capabilities

Springville Facility Certification Increases Flowserve’s Nuclear Manufacturing Capabilities

Flowserve Corporation recently announced it had received the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) N and NPT nuclear approvals to construct Class 1, 2 and 3 valves at Flowserve Springville operations, where the Flowserve Valtek family of control valves are manufactured. The ASME approvals certify that Flowserve Valtek valves meet or exceed quality assurance standards for the design and construction of nuclear control valves and parts.

“Flowserve has made ongoing manufacturing investments that allow us to continue to meet the needs of the global nuclear power industry,” said Tom Pajonas, president, Flowserve Flow Control Division. “Nuclear plants around the world rely on Valtek control valves and actuators to provide safe and reliable operation in their critical applications.”

The Flowserve Springville facility has reinstated its N stamp, which was first received from ASME in 1973. Today, Valtek valves are installed at a number of nuclear power generation facilities around the world. Flowserve Springville successfully completed its ASME audit in September 2010 and received its certificates Oct. 29.

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