Bifold’s innovative Solenoid Valve Housing

Bifold Design a Free to Rotate Solenoid Housing for Easy Cable Layout and Ease of Wiring

Bifold Free to Rotate Solenoid Housing

A new highly distinctive design concept now allows Bifold’s Solenoid Valve Housing to Freely Rotate 360°, enabling easy cable layout and ease of connection wiring. The solenoid internals rotate with the housing to prevent cables being pulled out of the terminal block, to accommodate equipment building benefits.

Within these benefits, this new valve technology can be mounted in any orientation to simplify and ease installation along with a spacious enclosure for ease of wiring, which in turn saves space and installation time.

This range of products include solenoid valves for dry or moist air, gas and fluid control medias and with 316L stainless steel bodies, making this valve assembly the most universal type on the market. The solenoid design incorporates an armature plate coil holder mechanism which ensures the valve will operate in damp conditions

and reducing the risk of corrosion to internal components. Other solenoid valve designs incorporate a solenoid core tube design that will only operate in dry air conditions, whereas in realistic terms, it is a known fact that air isn’t completely dry.

As part of the commissioning and maintenance benefits with the FP Series solenoids, there is no time penalty for heat dissipation before removing the solenoid cover, or the requirement for special high temperature cables. Simple maintenance incorporates removable transient suppression diode, coil and solenoid without the need to remove the solenoid valve from the tubing.

With an operating temperature range of -60°C to + 95°C and worldwide approvals Ex d, Ex ia & Ex emb, this product range is available with the widest range of override options including (Auto reset, Spring return manual override, Stayput manual override, Manual reset, Tamperproof manual latch and Latch energised).

Within the safety and environmental benefits, all our FP solenoid valve assemblies have SIL 3 third party certification to IEC 61508. FMEA, extensive qualification testing, coupled with 100% computerised diagnostic test procedures ensure each valve assembly is proven along with confirmed safety factors.

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Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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