New Flowserve Valbart Trunnion-Mounted Control Ball Valve

New Flowserve Valbart Trunnion-Mounted Control Ball Valve Helps Control Noise and Cavitation

Flowserve Valbart Trunnion-Mounted Control Ball Valve

Flowserve Corporation recently introduced the new Flowserve Valbart Trunnion-Mounted Control Ball Valve (TMCBV), which is designed to reduce noise, control cavitation and provide increased reliability.

The TMCBV is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for severe service applications in the oil and gas, chemical, liquefied natural gas and power industries. It combines Flowserve Valbart proven trunnion-mounted ball valve design with its high-performance noise and cavitation-reducing trims.

“For customers dealing with severe service applications involving gases and liquids, noise reduction and cavitation control are extremely important,” said Tom Pajonas, president, Flowserve Flow Control Division. “This high-performance control valve is designed to deliver cost-effective reliability for demanding applications.”

The TMCBV is fully integrated with a heavy-duty actuator and a high-performance Flowserve Logix digital positioner. This configuration can also be equipped with Flowserve ValveSight advanced diagnostic technology.

The metal-seated TMCBV features a tungsten-carbide-coated ball and seat, which can extend the life of the valve by enabling tight shut-off even after prolonged service. The TMCBV is designed for zero external leakage, ensuring that the TMCBV meets environmental standards. Due to the high rangeability and increased flow capacity, the TMCBV is smaller in size and dimensional envelope, when compared with traditional control valve offerings.

In July 2010, Flowserve announced the acquisition of Valbart Srl, a privately owned Italian manufacturer of trunnion-mounted ball valves used primarily in the oil and gas industry. Flowserve had previously entered into a joint venture agreement with Valbart in December 2009.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 17

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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