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Debby Soetan - Heap & Partners Biofuels research engineer

Miss Debby Soetan, a Biofuels research engineer at Heap & Partners has won a national engineering award and the prize is a trip around the World!!

Every year the Institute of Engineering and Technology hold an award ceremony for the brightest and the best engineers in the country. Debby submitted a paper into the “Write around the World” category.

Debby’s paper, entitled “Who is to blame? Man vs. Natural Variances” set out to use engineering facts to de-bunk some of the more outrageous myths thrown around in the global warming arena. Her paper won and now she’s packing her bags!

Nigerian born Debby commenced her UK studies at the age of 16. So far she has acquired GCSEs and a Foundation in Sciences at Bellerbys College Brighton, and also a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering at Aston University, having graduated with a 1st Class Honours. In 2009 she began working on a 2½ year Knowledge Transfer Partnership project in conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and Heap & Partners. This project is based in the Biofuels sector and involves overseeing the design and manufacture of a medium scale Biodiesel Production Plant. In 2010 she commenced a part-time PhD with LJMU, in which the research topic is an investigation of alternative methods for biodiesel production.

Debby’s prize will see her taking in Nigeria, Japan and Canada as part of her month long trip around the world. Heap & Partners Managing Director David Millar commented “We are all suffering from mixed emotions! Pride in what Debby has achieved and jealousy in what she’s won!”

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 17

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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