Zoedale Expand Valve Range

Zoedale Plc is pleased to announce the expansion of the highly successful Magnatrol Solenoid Valve range

Rotary Shaft Solenoid Valve

High Pressure Cartridge Valve

Emergency Shutoff Valve

6" Emergency Shutoff Valve
Since it was established in 1976, Zoedale Plc has been recognised in the UK solenoid valve market place for their extremely successful cryogenic solenoid valves for liquid oxygen (-297°F), nitrogen (-303°F) and argon (-320°F).

The highest care taken in the cryogenic manufacturing process is applied across the complete range of these valves from the standard bronze water valves to the full port steam solenoid valves and specialist valves for brine. This and the attention to detail required to supply solenoid valves into the most rigorous of environments has proved to be an integral factor in their success in application areas of extreme pressure, temperature and media.

Building on the success of the standard products (available in bronze and stainless steel) Zoedale Plc now offers an enhanced and diverse range of Magnatrol products covering sizes up to 6". High pressure applications up to 10,000 psi and rotary shaft-style valves, including features such as Manual Reset and Heat-Actuated Close functions (valve closes with preset temperature), are also available.

The special range also provides solenoid valve solutions covering applications including dirty, corrosive and viscous fluids - historically ‘no go areas’ for solenoid valves. Many of the new valves are approved for Naval and Marine applications covering the rigorous testing standards required for shock and vibration (MIL-S-901and MIL-STD167-1).

Zoedale Plc
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 17

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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