Expanding CVS’ Sales Manager Under The Spotlight

Pictured from left to right: Mick Beavers, Managing Director, Control Valve Solutions with Mac Stevenson, new Sales Manager at CVS’s Aberdeen workshop facility.

Mike Guy, new Senior Control Valve Engineer

Peter McKay, new Apprentice Valve Engineer at CVS’ Aberdeen workshop facility
Control Valve Solutions’ 5 year growth plan is on target following another set of exceptional year end results. The company continues to expand with more staff for its ISO 9001:2008 accredited workshops in Aberdeen including the new role of Sales Manager as well as a Senior Control Valve Engineer and a Valve Apprentice.

Two months into the new position and CVS’ Sales Manager, Mac Stevenson was put under the spotlight by Rob Bartlett, Director & CEO at BVAA to talk about his new role and shed some more light on CVS’ expansion plans to become one of the industry leaders in the repair and overhaul of control valves and related products in the North Sea oil and gas sector.

Rob - What attracted you to the position of Sales Manager for CVS?

Mac - I saw very quickly that CVS was a forward thinking company with very good growth. There is a certain passion that surrounds CVS that is second
to none with regards to getting the job done. I feel
the CVS culture, the direction the company is headed in, is where I want to be. I see myself getting the
learning and the freedom I need to achieve my professional goals.

Rob - Why did you choose CVS over and above
other companies you may have been offered positions with?

Mac - Although I have worked for large corporates in the past I felt with CVS that if you can make a difference, it’s a big difference and that in itself is very rewarding from a personal standpoint.

Rob - What makes CVS stand out for you?

Mac - Commitment to customer care and the desire to get the job right first time. Some large companies lose focus on what really matters but CVS will pay attention to detail and give a good personal service which seems to have been lacking in the Oil and Gas industry in recent years.

Rob - What’s the best thing about your job now?

Mac - Face to face meetings with customers and getting great feedback on jobs completed. It means we are doing things right.

Rob - How have you been received by existing clients?

Mac - Times have changed in recent years and to get in front of clients when everyone has huge workloads is no easy task. Existing clients have been very generous to give me the time to introduce myself in person which concretes the fact that if you pull out all the stops to help a client they are more than happy for you to
get in front of them and give up some time in their busy schedules.

Rob - How have you been welcomed into the company by the rest of the team?

Mac - It’s been great with good communication all round. It’s very refreshing to see CVS taking on highly experienced staff as well as trainees. Everyone seems to gel which promotes good teamwork.

Rob - What do you think about CVS Manager?

Mac - Having used similar CRM type systems in the past CVS Manager outshines all of them. CVS Manager™ is a bespoke in-house management system which has been developed to allow CVS to manage its internal workflow, customer asset data and its comprehensive valve management offering. From a sales standpoint tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client makes managing my work a whole lot easier.

Rob - What does the future hold for CVS?

Mac - The future is very bright for CVS even in uncertain times in the Oil and Gas industry. As we grow we will move to get ever more specialized as customers will increasingly seek customized products and services. The coming decade will no doubt be complex, volatile and uncertain, but it will also provide many new opportunities for CVS to capitalise on in the coming years.

Rob - What is the message you are trying to get across to new customers?

Mac - For me the fact that we offer clients everything they need for valves whether it is bespoke valve supply through to on-site repairs with 24-hour mobilization. This is all made possible by the team who work with passion and pride, openness, honesty and total commitment to give clients the smart solution for all their valve needs.

Mick Beavers, Managing Director of Control Valve Solutions commented on Mac’s new appointment saying: “Mac is already proving to be a huge asset to CVS with his in-depth knowledge of valves and his practical experience on platforms throughout the North Sea. The first quarter has started really well and the whole team is really excited about our plans for further expansion.”

Control Valve Solutions
Tel: 01224 583116
Website: www.controlvalvesolutions.co.uk

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 17

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