Economical High Temperature Control Valves

Standard Control Valve with Swing Clear Disc

Standard Control Valve with Integral Body Step
Leeds Valve has established an area where their low cost high temperature valves meet a distinct market need. There are certain applications where the fully rated shut off capability associated with metal seated high performance valves is not required.

The control of low pressure high temperature gases can be economically achieved using the Leeds Valve swing clear and step seat design. The low breakout and re-seat torque allows the valve to be automated with small simple actuators and can be used with lever operators for trimming control.

Manufactured in cast high temperature materials the construction can utilise alloys which would not readily be fabricated. Shafts, bearings and gland packing are carefully selected to eliminate sticking and ensure the valves operate smoothly at the elevated temperatures.

One of the most popular materials used by Leeds Valve is “Heat Resistant Cast Iron”, cast iron with the addition of a small percentage of nickel and chromium, allowing use up to 650°C.

Where there may be corrosion problems high grade stainless steels and specialist alloys like 37/18 Ni Cr can take the temperature up to 800°C.

Depending on temperature the swing clear and step seat valve can maintain ANSI / FCI 70-2 class I to class III leakage adequate for low pressure gas control. If the gases contain abrasive particles then disc, shaft and body can be hard faced.

Using these materials and designs Leeds Valve have been successfully supplying high temperature throttling valves for engine test rigs as back pressure control valves and they are now being used by some of the leading engine manufacturers in Europe.

Mainly wafer type, class 150# in sizes from 4" (including 5" & 9" ) to 16" these valves are one of Leeds Valve ongoing successes and demonstrate how, by designing butterfly valves for a specific service, Leeds Valve deliver the most cost effective and technically sound solution.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 17

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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