Whose Terminology?

“I don’t care where you found it, that’s not a 24inch 
sub-sea valve!”

A clearly defined and understood language is an essential requirement within any industry so that all participants including manufacturers, engineering consultants, purchasers, distributors, users, installers and repairers can safely and effectively communicate.

The valve industry in particular has a huge diversity of products and applications. It is therefore important that its language is defined, understood and used by everyone working in the industry. But where do you find those definitions?

Well, now there is an answer. The BVAA Valve & Actuator Users’ Manual contains a whole chapter on the subject of Terminology, covering topics such as Valves and Valve Types, Valve Functions, Components, Body Styles and Ends, and of course general valve terms. Other chapters cover Valve History, Valve Basics, industry standards and extensive chapters on all types of valves, actuators and related subjects.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 17

Summer 2020 // Issue 53
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